Which Sea Animal is Your University?

Nicole Oparaon 10 May 2019
Which Sea Animal is Your University?

University isn't all about studying and going out. It's about finding out which sea animal you represent... Durrr...

1. University of Cambridge - Octopus

The Mark Francis of all universities. Posh, rather snobby and focused on being an over-achiever. You are also mysterious, bleed blue and squirt ink. "Do you know where I study?" is your favourite thing to tell people. You guys are intelligent, resourceful and usually multitalented.

2. University of Newcastle - Dolphin

You have the best nightlife of all the universities and the most difficulties holding your liquor. "Behold, the land of the light-weights". That is what you are known for. But you are playful, smart and exciting.

3. University of Warwick - SeaHorse

Ya'll some serious nerds. You tend to blend into the background with the rest of the books and computers in the library - talk about #TeamFurniture. But the couples at this University tend to last, so you are #LoyalBabe.

4. Coventry University - Sea Snake

Coventry is known as the university with the highest STD rates. Maybe because you don't get student discount on condoms. I don't know, but if you want some "live action and drama", this place is full of snakes.

5. University of Reading - Pufferfish

This university is the only one where they have Quidditch matches and serious cliques. "You can't sit with us" is their motto, but if you have thick skin and resilience, you'll fit in perfectly.

6. De Montfort University - SwordFish

You guys tend to poke your nose in other people's business (no pun intended). You also like to fight people and gossip. But you are reliable, fast-paced with approaching deadlines and like your personal space.

7. University of Greenwich - Sea Lion

People ask you "where is green witch". Did you know that you guys could live up the age of 30? That's good considering you won't have to worry about paying all your student debts back.

8. University of Wolverhampton - Clownfish

You're always joking, laughing and just generally clowning around. Its small and you will find it to be simplistic, calm and students tend to keep their friends close but lure their enemies into their anemones.

9. University of Essex - Whale

If you have a large personality, you will fit right in. This university is legendary for its "OMG, do you watch TOWIE". Funnily enough, you are either a gym buddy or spend your student loans on take outs and alcohol. Tbf, at least you're having a whale of a time.

10. University of Brighton - Starfish

Just like Brighton, pretty to look at but not a lot else going on... Although the men in Brighton may as well have an extra leg, if you know what I mean...

Nicole Oparaon 10 May 2019