Which Pop Star is Your University?

Kirsty Mason on 25 January 2019
Which Pop Star is Your University?

Disclaimer: The following information has been extensively researched, including interviews with both students and pop stars to ensure comparisons are made with 99.9% accuracy. 

1. Durham - Michael Buble

You're arrogant, annoying and think you're way better than you are - only to be tolerated once a year at Christmas.

Michael Buble saying let's boo
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2. Loughborough - when sporty spice went solo

I mean, what even is her name? It doesn't really matter because the only relevant thing about her is that she's sporty... Just like Loughborough....

Sporty Spice
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3. Sheffield Uni - Robbie Williams

Very cheeky and a teeny bit arrogant...

Robbie Williams swearing
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4. Sheffield Hallam - Robbie Williams Impersonator

Same as above but without the arrogance and any future career prospects...

Shaking head
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5. Warwick - Kanye West

No, Warwick, how many times do we have to tell you, you are NOT god.

Kanye West saying he's God
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6. Nottingham Uni - Taylor Swift

Let's just say, you like to get around town... And you're not averse to having some bitter drama with your ex in Rock City - GO ON THROW A DRINK ON THE P***K!

Taylor Swift stabbing a heart cake
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7. Nottingham Trent - Katy Perry

No universities rival each other as much as Nottingham Trent and Nottingham Uni - we can hear you chanting "rather be a poly than a @!#" Don't worry, we hate them too...

Katy Perry trying to wink
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8. King's College London - Justin Bieber

You think you're the kings but you're all t**ts.

Justin Bieber
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9. LSE - Bruno Mars

HUGE egos to compensate for something that's not so huge...

Bruno Mars
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10. Westminster Uni - Ariana Grande

And by Ariane Grande, I also mean Celine Dion and Jennifer Lawrence and Britney Spears AND Shakira! Have you SEEN those impressions?! The most diverse singer for the most diverse uni in the UK...

Ariana Grande Legally Blonde
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11. Southampton uni - Ed Sheeran when he got kicked out of the BRITs for being too drunk

Many a Southampton student has been carried home to bed after too many rum and cokes at Ninety Degrees. It's ok, we're not judging, just don't forget your shoes next time.

Ed Sheeran BRITs
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12. Queen Mary - Beyonce

Queen B for the Queen Bees. The girls at Queen Mary really do run the world, if by run the world you mean drinking 10 double vodkas at Drapers and passing out in a ditch - hey, the Queen Bee's can do what they like!

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13. Exeter - Miley Cyrus

Surprisingly rebellious underneath that "good girl" image.

Miley Cyrus with tongue out
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14. Goldsmiths - Snoop Dog

Snoop Dogg's one defining feature equates to Goldsmiths one defining feature... Need I say more?

Snoop Dogg dancing
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15. Birmingham - Joe McElderry

"Joe... Who?" I hear you ask. It doesn't matter, his name's Joe, he's a pop star and everyone at Birmingham is obsessed with Old Joe... Done.

Joe McElderry singing
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16. Manchester Uni - Britney Spears

Like Britney, Manchester uni started strong but has progressively gone downhill with a Britney-esc "shave your head" level break-down. Come on, Manchester, get it together.

Britney Spears pulling a face
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17. Manchester Met - Lady Gaga

Wild, temperamental and you wouldn't be that surprised if they rocked up dressed as a medium-rare steak.

Lady Gaga
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18. Leeds uni - Adele

The holy grail of student cities, but when it comes down to it, the students at Leeds are pretty down to earth...

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19. Edinburgh uni - Susan Boyle

Because she's the only Scottish singer to come remotely close to success... In her own weird, Su-Bo way. Pretty similar to Edinburgh students - nearly there, but not quite...

Susan Boyle
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20. Glasgow - *crickets*

Erm, does anyone know any other remotely successful well-known singers from Scotland... Anyone?...

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So there we have it... Your very own guide to which pop star your university is.

Kirsty Mason
Kirsty Mason on 25 January 2019