Which Pizza is your University?

Bea Howard and Kirsty Mason on 8 February 2018
Which Pizza is your University?

It’s National Pizza Day today and to celebrate we’ve done a very legitimate and thorough analysis of which pizza your university is...

Manchester Metropolitan - Meat Feast

The big old hearty meat feast for Manchester Met. Flexing his steroid pumped muscles as he munches on all that meat. Look how manly I am, eating all this meat. Meat meat meat.

University of Manchester - Pepperoni

Just as much testosterone but will probably give you a cuddle as well.

University of Leeds - Yorkshire Pudding Pizza

Yorkshire pudding pizza, yep, tastes as bad as it sounds, but tbh Leeds students are so attractive, if one served it to you, you'd probably eat it anyway.

University of Birmingham - Tikka Masala Pizza

The birthplace of the tikka masala, so they put it on a pizza... what could go wrong? A lot. Just have a curry or a pizza and don't be greedy you weirdos.

University of Warwick - Peach Pizza

It’s a perfect match - peach pizza is pretty weird, people from Warwick are pretty weird. But apparently, they’re both “fancy”... Uh… Ok...

University of Southampton - Margherita

Everybody LIKES Margherita. I mean, it's ok, there's nothing wrong with it. But let's face it - it's pretty darn boring, just like the people at Southampton University. Although they probably call it 'cheese and tomato'...

University of Exeter - Seafood Pizza

Because it's by the sea... get it? Seriously, does Exeter have ANY other defining features?

Goldsmiths - Vegan Pizza

A vegan pizza is totally wrong on every level but this is Goldsmiths so everything HAS to be vegan, even when it shouldn’t be vegan.

London School of Economics - Hawaiian

Some like it, some don't but we can all agree on one thing - regardless of how special the students of LSE may think they are, at the end of the day, it's pretty damn common.

Kings College London - Ham and Mushroom

Talks about itself far less than Hawaiian, quietly delicious, truly classy, a total classic.

Is anyone else suddenly really hungry?

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Bea Howard and Kirsty Mason on 8 February 2018