Which Pie is your University?

Beatrice Howard on 15 January 2018
Which Pie is your University?

Happy National pie day one and all! I’m sure you’ve spent many an hour pondering which pie your university would be, so as a National Pie Day treat I’ve answered that question.

Did you know Wikipedia lists 136 different delicacies in its comprehensive “Pies, Tarts and Flans” list? Which by the way makes for an hour of great reading for those who have no social life.


Cherry Bakewell- Mr. Kipling would have you believe it’s fancy, but we all know it comes in a multipack and is a bit of a knock-off


Whoopie Pie - oh you haven’t heard of them? They’re actually a cross between a cake and a pie- because food just being one thing is SO mainstream. Bonus points for those with edible glitter.

London School of Economics

Chess Pie- An actual fancy pie that doesn’t even sound that nice but people will pretend to like anyway (Seriously, what even is cornmeal?)

University of Manchester

Manchester Tart- To be honest I don’t know what raspberry jam and custard has to do with Manchester, but I trust the pie naming Gods of yesteryear.

University of Nottingham

Lemon Meringue Pie- The perfect balance of tangy and sweet with three layers of goodness- almost as tasty as Nottingham students.

Nottingham Trent

Lemon Tart- Same as above, but without the delicious fluffy meringue topping (probably because they can’t work a blowtorch)


Pukka-pie - Perfectly decent, almost a bit seaside-y… a bit “Meh”... Yep, that’s Exeter all over.


Cauliflower Crust Pie - HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB, did you know I’m on the reserve team for a sports team you’ve never heard of and I’m definitely probably gonna be a professional athlete one day?

Sheffield Hallam

Steak Pie- An absolute Northern classic, much like Sheff Hallam, Steak pie is always tasty, and unaware of its own humble brilliance

Uni of Sheffield

Vennison Pie- Exactly the same but with a fancier meat- should be an improvement on a classic right? WRONG. Vennison pie is so full of itself, you can really taste arrogance.

If your university didn’t make the list- let us know what pie you are! (Or don’t, because if you did it would be kind of sad)

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Beatrice Howard
Beatrice Howard on 15 January 2018