Which Alcoholic Drink is your University?

Saya Uotanion 10 April 2019
Which Alcoholic Drink is your University?

Find out which bev perfectly represents your uni!

We all love a little sip of something at the end of a stressful week (I mean, day). You can now say you are what you drink by getting a bev that speaks to your uni on a spiritual level.

University of Sheffield – A good 'ol pint of lager

Reliable, humble, tough, gets along with everyone. I am SO not biased here, we’re just the best. Full of people you'd actually want to have a beer with.

King’s College London – (Pink) G&T

A classic - refined with a good reputation. All about that London aesthetic. A bit of a snob, but it’s part of your charm.

Exeter – Prosecco

You’re a posh one, aren’t you? A flute of basic bubbles is what you identify with. Preferably coupled with some hors d’ oeuvres.

Leeds – Red Stripe

Just cooler than you. More vintage, more grunge, more ravey. Borderline homeless, but still chic? I guess?

Cardiff – VK

Down to earth. Just looking for a good time with some good people, for cheap. The most regular people you’ll meet.

Glasgow – K Cider

Go hard or go home. Watch out for that inevitable Glaswegian Kiss.

Manchester – Rum and Coke

'Manchester is the new London'. 'We get all the best performers'. 'We have the best variety of food'. Ok, we get it. You’re the jewel of the North.

Birmingham – Bulmers Cider

Yeah, we get it. First red-brick university. But then again, heritage isn’t a 'fake it till you make it' sort of thing. Face it, ya basic.

Warwick – Whiskey Sour

Ever having to prove that you’re on the same level as Oxbridge must be exhausting. Don’t be too sour, hun, your time will come soon.

LSE – Espresso Martini

Money. Power. Glory. You have no time for sloppily leaning against the bins, because WALL STREET NEVER SLEEPS.

There you have it. Now, keep calm and carry on drinking!

Saya Uotanion 10 April 2019