What To Wear For Graduation 2018

Kirsty Mason on 1 June 2018
What To Wear For Graduation 2018

Not sure what to wear for graduation 2018? Read this guide to find out what’s trending right now…

Deciding what to wear for graduation can be a challenge, especially when you’ve got bizarrely coloured stripes draped across your shoulders and you’ve been rolling into uni in your trackies for the past 3 years. Before ordering (and sending back) 1000 items of clothing, have a look at some outfits and tips which will guarantee that you’ll look damn gorgeous at your graduation.

The Elegant Look

Lipsy Louise Print Frill Sleeve and Lace Bodycon Dress and Grace Wide Ankle Strap Shoes and Lipsy Lace Pleated Bodycon Dress

Having just had the Royal Wedding, there’s plenty of formal-wear inspo to go around. Kate Middleton loves a floral lace and there’s no denying that it looks fantastic! Dresses with just a tad of colour look great when teamed with brightly coloured shoes. If you’re more of a Meghan Markle kind of girl, try a classy, simple look and finish it off with a few basic accessories.

The floral dress

Floral dresses are in this season and they come in a huge range of styles so they suit pretty much anyone. Red is a great look for graduation but avoid matching red with green if you don’t want to look like you should be on the front of a Christmas card.

The jumpsuit dreaM

Yellow Floral Wide Split Leg Jumpsuit and ASOS Jumpsuit With Tie Front and Wide Leg and Gracie Asymmetric Court Shoes

If dresses aren’t really up your street, then a jumpsuit is a great alternative (as long as you don’t mind stripping naked every time you go to the toilet). Go for one that’s bright and summery or team a nude jumpsuit with colourful shoes or lipstick.

The on-trend trousers

Another good alternative to dresses is trousers and before you whip out your favourite pair of jeans, there are plenty of smart trousers that look elegant and formal. Pastel colours are really in season and look great paired with a white top. You can also find a lot of trousers that resemble a skirt at first glance and this is great if you want to wear a skirt without the worry of having a “Marilyn Monroe” moment.

The sensational stripe

Not only are stripes in fashion at the moment, they suit virtually everyone. A colourful stripey skirt is a nice contrast to the plain black graduation gown. It also brings something to the whole “black blob graduation gown” situation.

The plus size queen

Red Lace Midi Dress and Black Polka Dot Belted Wide Leg Trousers

Even though plus size queens look just as good in any outfit as their slimmer female counterparts, retailers, unfortunately, don’t make as many clothes in suitable sizes for the curvier of us ladies (and it’s especially disheartening when “plus size” models look as if they should be a size 8). New Look does a good range of plus size clothing and although the range is smaller at River Island, the plus size clothes they do stock are far from resembling the usual sack which retailers tend to stock for plus sized ladies.

The hijabi look

For some great tips on how to rock your graduation with your hijabi, check out Sania Siddique’s blog or have a look at Pinterest for some hijabi graduation inspo.

Top graduation fashion tips:

  • Make sure you wear something which doesn’t clash with the colours of your gown (navy blue and black is not a good look).

  • Be careful with the size and structure of the heel you pick. Unless you’re one of those goddess’/ aliens/ angels sent from above kind of girls who can walk in 6-inch heels like she’s trotting around in slippers, avoid a thin stiletto heel. A good alternative is a chunky heel which still looks elegant but is far less likely to have you looking like Bambi on ice. If you’re not confident in heels full stop then you can find lots of nice flat sandals from places such as Topshop and New Look which will still work with your outfit.

  • Wear bright lipstick to brighten up the black graduation gown.

  • Check that your university doesn’t have a dress code.

  • If you get a deodorant stain on your outfit - don’t panic! You can rub it off using a pair of jeans. Make sure you test a small patch first to check there is no colour transfer. An older, washed pair of jeans is better.

Now the look’s sorted, you’ve just got one thing to focus on: don’t fall over!

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Kirsty Mason
Kirsty Mason on 1 June 2018