What to do on a Sunday evening?

Benjamin Triggs on 2 January 2014
What to do on a Sunday evening?

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So you’ve worked out that you cannot go out drinking EVERY single night. It’s actually scientifically impossible, and think what it would do to your finances, let alone your liver?!

SO - how can you make the most of your nights off from studying and clubbing? There aren’t any new episodes of Game of Thrones and you only need to do washing occasionally… So here are some ideas of cool, affordable activities you and your mates could do on a Sunday evening (well…any evening actually!).

1. Board Game Night

Board games are under-rated at University. So many people take them and they end up gathering dust underneath the bed. Once in a while, invite some mates over and give them a go. Whether you are a traditionalist and like Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo or a bit new-age, with the Pointless Board Game, Scene It! (etc.), there will be like-minded people that will love to give you a game. Heck, you’re students! Surely you have a little free time now and then? So get some mates over, pull out a couple of games and give it a go.

Top tip: Articulate is definitely a game to go for if you have between 4 and 8 people.

the best board games to play

2. Come Dine with Me

Being a student, you have probably seen the Channel 4 show many a time. If you've been a recluse for the last few years, there’s a clip below of someone snogging a granny to get you back in the loop! Sure, you probably aren’t going to have a cool narrator commenting on the evening, and a one thousand pound prize is probably a little steep for a student budget. However, the rest of the show is easy to do. Each Sunday for one month, one of the group cooks a nice meal and puts on some mediocre entertainment. You get to eat nice food (hopefully!) and it has a nice competitive edge to it.

Top tip: just in case the competitive element gets out of hand, set a budget for each meal. Caviar and Quails’ Eggs should never been seen in a student house!

3. Go to the pub

I’m not talking about the Wetherspoons down the road where you can get a £2 pint and are likely to see someone on a social with a sieve on their head. Or even the SU pub on campus. Go to a ‘real’ pub. Have a drink which isn’t Premier’s ‘two for a fiver’ bottles of wine! Just have a chat and enjoy an evening. If you like an ale, go and find a pub that does a few local ones. You never know, it may be quite nice to get out of the ‘uni-bubble’ once in a while.

Even better, find out when they do a quiz night and go to that. See if your student brains are a match for the locals. It is always quite interesting to see which of your friends don’t pay attention to much going on around them and thinks Gary Barlow is the Prime Minister!

Going thee the Pub at University

4. Trilogy Time

Don’t just watch whatever film comes on Film 4 on a Sunday night. Dedicate a night to watching a set of films. According to Ted and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother), you should be Star Wars trilogy-ing (the original 3 films) once every three years. That means at least once at University. And twice if you are medics! If Star Wars isn’t your thing, try American Pie, Indiana Jones, or there are even two Miss Congeniality films. With online streaming services, such as Netflix and Lovefilm, it is so easy to do it. Make it a bit more of a film-night event, with some fancy dress maybe, some Cherryade and a few nachos and dips. Also, check out our list of Top 10 Hangover Films!

Top Tip: If you go for the Lord of the Rings, start at about 3pm so you finish it at a respectable hour.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

5. Pamper Night

With all the stress and partying at University, you will occasionally want to take a night to rejuvenate for the week ahead. Just schedule in some time for a bit of TLC. The effects of the previous night’s social in an alcohol stained basement nightclub will feel like a distant memory. Get some friends over, or just your housemates, and chuck on a facemask, do a bit of exfoliation and maybe indulge in a manicure or pedicure too. You will feel brand new again and refreshed for more alcohol infused fun next week. Remember to check the Student Hut offers for the latest deals from The Body Shop, so it won’t be that expensive either.

Top tip: This may be more of a girlie night in, but guys you could go solo and have a bit of a man-grooming session and bath maybe. Don’t forget your rubber duck!

University Pamper Night

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Benjamin Triggs
Benjamin Triggs on 2 January 2014