What Classic Halloween Costume is Your Uni?

Emily Fergusonon 15 October 2018
What Classic Halloween Costume is Your Uni?

It's the season of bloody t-shirts, contact lenses and face paint. And while you may be considering your own Halloween outfits for this year, have you ever thought what your uni's outfit would be? Well, thinking is tiring so we've thought about it for you!

Bristol – Brexit

Notorious for setting their own trends, and besides, what is scarier than the daunting prospects of Brexit right now?

queen wearing a blue hat that slowly turns into the EU flag
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Cambridge – Punny

Cambridge guys and gals are known for their intelligence – so only the best puns will do. Bee-yonce? A smart cookie? Breadwinner? Just like in university challenge, they are guaranteed to win. Every. Single. Time.

Woman dressed in blue t shirt holding bread halloween costume
Source: Good Housekeeping

Cardiff – Dracula

Dracula is known for being nutty, just like these wild students.

man dressed a vampire showing his fangs
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Durham – Anything over £20

The only university students with money from mummy and daddy to spend on an intricate costume.

girl spinning in an office chair having money thrown over her
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Exeter – Harley Quinn

You can’t get any more #basic than Harley Quinn.

woman holding baseball bat behind her head
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Hull – Witch

Much like the uni, it’s not your first choice, but a suitable last resort.

woman in a witch costume with a green face
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Kent – Superheroes

In true Kent fashion, even their Halloween costume is an attempt to remain sophisticated. But it’s a bit boring, isn’t it?

woman dressed in a superwoman costume
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Leeds – Devil

These guys party devilishly hard.

man dressed as the devil
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Liverpool – Scream mask

Like with many Liverpudlians, this costume is best in small doses.

man in a ghost mask holding a knife
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Loughborough – Ordinary clothes

Loughborough students won’t be dressing up this year. They’re simply too busy thinking about their next ‘big game’.

woman in a black vest shrugging
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London – Mummy

Unfortunately, all London students have no money left over from their rent for a cool costume. So a bit of loo roll will have to do.

man dressed as an Egyptian mummy
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Manchester – Cat

Cheeky, with a touch of basic.

man dressed in a cat costume is also holding a cat
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Manchester Met – Skeleton

We all know Manchester Met students have way too much time on their hands, so what better choice of costume? Hours are spent practising and perfecting the perfect skeleton make-up.

girl with half her face in skeleton makeup
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Nottingham – Pennywise the Clown

‘Shottingham’ living up to its badass reputation.

evil looking clown with a red balloon
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Oxford – Angel

An old classic. With so much time spent studying, they have no chance of devising an intricate costume.

woman with angel wings
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Sheffield – Pumpkin costume

You can’t get any more adorable than wearing a Pumpkin for fancy dress. And you can’t get any cuter than a Sheffield student.

little boy in a pumpkin costume
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Southampton – Scarecrow

Just like when you first arrived in freshers thinking it was going to be a ‘bit shit’, the medium amount of effort for this outfit choice equally exceeds your expectations.

scarecrow shaking it's head
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Warwick – A ghost

What’s more boring than chucking a sheet over your head and cutting two slits for your eyes?

man dressed as a ghost dancing
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Emily Fergusonon 15 October 2018