#WellnessWednesday: Motivating yourself during a nationwide lockdown

Oscar Djama on 5 May 2020
#WellnessWednesday: Motivating yourself during a nationwide lockdown

It’s now been six weeks since the country went into lockdown. Six weeks. That’s an entire school summer holiday, or the time it takes (according to Google Maps) to walk non-stop to Kiev and back.

For some of us, this is an opportunity for self-reflection, where we can reassess our goals for the year. For others, things are a little more complicated, as our new way of living presents us with unfamiliar pitfalls and challenges that we’ve never experienced.

If you fall into the latter category, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our research indicates that 98% of students are either slightly or very concerned about Covid-19. This tells us two things:

1. 2% of university students have nerves of steel

2. It’s totally normal to feel pressure during unfamiliar situations

Whatever coping mechanisms you’ve adopted (and answers will probably vary a lot here), the most important thing is that you keep faith in yourself. Everything else may be up in the air, but remember that you are still more than capable of rising to the challenge, regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

Above all else, try to stay motivated. Our friends at Fika say that your mindset is the strongest influencer when it comes to academic performance. Check out their insights in this video:

With this in mind, the action phrase for today is:

“I can”

Give yourself a pep talk! You can survive this lockdown. You can use this time as an opportunity to hone your skills. And, if you believe in yourself, you will succeed in reaching your potential. Use this lockdown as a chance to focus on your self-development. Once you’re done worrying about yourself, everything else will fall into place.

Unsure of how a self-pep talk can help? Here’s a few words from Barsha, a student at the University of South Wales, on how she motivates herself before presenting to her class.

For more practical skills to stay motivated, physically active and mentally fit during COVID-19, visit the Fika app and check out the new Community feature. 

We want to hear about how you motivate yourself. Join our panel today and share your experiences!

Oscar Djama
Oscar Djama on 5 May 2020