#WellnessWednesday: Looking after your community during lockdown

Oscar Djama Tuckett on 13 May 2020
#WellnessWednesday: Looking after your community during lockdown

This week's edition of #WellnessWednesday focuses on our roles within the wider community. Read on to find out how people are helping others during the lockdown.

Now that we’re a week shy of two months under lockdown, things have probably changed a lot for you. Everyone but your neighbours seem like strangers and you and your mates are probably wondering whether you’ll ever have the energy to do a pub quiz again.

With social boundaries becoming increasingly blurred, some of us may be starting to wonder whether things will ever be the same. In times like these, it’s important to remember that we are part of something bigger. Fostering a sense of community is more important than ever and there are loads of ways you can get involved and support the people around you.

Our friends at Fika are here to help. Listen to what Kaz is doing to play his part and look after those around him:

“It helps knowing that you’re not the only one in the situation”

Beyond upholding your civic duties by taking precautions to protect your community, there are plenty of creative ways in which you can lift your community’s spirits.

Check out how Scarlett has been sharing the love. From hosting virtual coffee mornings for vulnerable people to raising funds for children’s food vouchers, she shows that there are plenty of ways we can help one another:

And remember, it’s important to look after yourself, too. These circumstances will affect us all in different ways, so don’t take on any unnecessary pressure if you’re already struggling. #WellnessWednesday starts with you!


For more practical skills to stay motivated, physically active and mentally fit during COVID-19, visit the Fika app https://onelink.to/p764wd and check out the new Community feature.

How have you been helping your community during lockdown? Join our panel today and share your knowledge.

Oscar Djama Tuckett
Oscar Djama Tuckett on 13 May 2020