#WellnessWednesday - Life goals in lockdown

Toby Green on 29 April 2020
Woman holding coffee in bed.

As we step towards six weeks of lockdown, it’s fair to say we’re all feeling pretty fed up.

Not being able to go out, see our friends or do anything resembling normality is bad enough, but as we spend more time in isolation, things start to get tougher. We know it’s important for our wellbeing to be able to make future plans, set goals and feel a sense of achievement - but how can we do any of that when we don’t know what’s happening next week, never mind next year?

Now, if your #lockdowngoals extend no further than getting up, dressed and watching Netflix, that’s absolutely fine. We’re not here for competitive quarantining. But with every day the same, our mental health can suffer. So, check in with yourself and have a think about your plans (even if only in a very vague sense) for the coming months. 

Dr Fran from Fika is here to give us her top tips on how to set realistic and attainable goals and use them to stay positive at this difficult time:

So, which of your goals is the COVID-19 crisis getting in the way of? And what can you replace it with? Maybe you were aiming to run a marathon this year, but keeping up your fitness with a daily run is enough of a challenge. Maybe you wanted to go travelling after your exams, but you’re making plans for travel in the UK instead. Let us know @studenthutuk 

For more practical skills to stay motivated, physically active and mentally fit during COVID-19, visit the Fika app and check out the new Community feature. 

Toby Green
Toby Green on 29 April 2020