Virtual date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Maddy McKennaon 8 February 2021

How can you have the best Valentine's Day when you can't be together?

Valentine’s Day in 2021 is going to be a little different; there will be thousands of couples who will not be able to spend this year’s ‘day of love’ together (yes, we think it’s silly that we have a day in the calendar to be reminded to love each other, too). However, it doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day should be forgotten altogether. If anything, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that spending time with loved ones is crucial for our well-being, and romance can still be very much on the cards. Plus, it’s definitely going to work out cheaper than the usual meal and wine. 

Lockdown may have stopped you from physically being together, but in this age of FaceTime, Skype and Zoom, you can still spend some much-needed time with your loved one. Here’s our ultimate list of virtual Valentine’s Day dates:

1. Make the same meal and video call 

A FaceTime date night might feel weird, but at least you can spend some quality time with your partner. Make it special by getting dressed up, have a glass of wine (or other drink of your choice) and set up the camera so you can both sit facing each other, just like a real date. 

While you are free to cook whatever you want, by cooking the same meal you could choose one which means something to you as a couple. Perhaps the first meal you ever cooked together, or a special birthday dinner. A fun bonus to cooking the same thing is that you can see who recreates the dish the best. Competitive, us?

You could even go a step further and cook together virtually. On a positive note, there will only be half the dishes to do at the end of the night.

2. Or order each other a Deliveroo

If cooking isn’t your thing, takeaway could be the answer. Make sure to order their favourite cuisine and push the boat out - it is Valentine’s Day, after all. 

Avoid awkwardness by setting a budget. You don’t want to be tucking into a three course meal, while your partner sits there with a portion of chips.

3. Make a quiz about your relationship

This might be a cheesy idea, but, in an era where new memories are restricted to a laptop or phone, it could be a much-needed walk down memory lane. Divide up the time you’ve been together and quiz each other using photos, videos, social media posts, gifts … For example, you could show your partner a photo or video and ask the other person to explain the story behind it.

What makes this date idea so perfect for Valentine’s Day is that, by the end, not only will you have spent an hour or more reminiscing about the wonderful times you have had together, but you can make an album of all your relationship milestones and highlights! 

4. Send a personalised gift

This may sound obvious but a gift is a great way to express your love to your significant other. Not the boring kind, like a cheap card or a heart-shaped box of chocolates. No, this year, that probably won’t cut it. 

While there is nothing wrong with traditional gifts, if you can’t spend Valentine’s Day together because of the pandemic, a personalised present is a great way to express your love. Whether it’s a framed collage of photographs or a book they constantly talk about, a thoughtful gift goes a long way. For bonus points, make them some truffles and send them by post. Get your partner to open them on camera to see their reaction!

So, there you have it; four ultimate ideas for spending ‘vday’ virtually. Whether you’re into watching movies, giving gifts, or just spending time together, this list of Valentine’s Day activities is sure to keep the spark alive.

Maddy McKennaon 8 February 2021