How to take your veganism to the next level

Jennifer Dawsonon 30 April 2021
Soap bars and bamboo toothbrushes

Being a vegan is about much more than your diet. Find out how to take your commitments to the next level with this informative piece.

There has been a 40% increase in the number of vegans in the UK since 2020. Factors cited include animal welfare, environmental responsibility, and the health benefits of reducing your meat intake. If you're a proud vegan who’s already honed your cooking skills and benefited from the nutritious goodness of vegan food, you may be wondering how to broaden your scope. Veganism is about so much more than a plant-based diet. It is about choosing non-animal-based products in every facet of your lifestyle, from our homes to the fashion we wear.

Here are some ways you can step up your vegan lifestyle if you want to go further than your diet:

Shopping for vegan clothing

Clothes made with leather, fur, wool, feathers, other animal products are unsuitable for vegans. The good news is that there are so many vegan-friendly fashion brands on the market, mostly made with quality materials. Brands to watch include WAMA Underwear, Insecta Shoes, and Rombaut. Popular fashion brand Stella McCartney also makes vegan leather items that are soft, luxurious, and cruelty-free.

Decorating your home

If one area of living proves how difficult becoming 100% vegan can be, it is vegan home construction and design. As a student, you’ll likely end up living in halls made from non-sustainable wood or fitted with animal-sourced furnishings. When renting, you can take small steps towards maintaining a vegan household; faux fur and steel make good, ethical furniture materials, while vegan bedding made from materials such as organic cotton and bamboo is super comfy.

When your student days are over, and you buy the home of your dreams, choosing materials like brick and steel will minimise the environmental impact of construction. Opt for vegan glues and paints when decorating. Note that older pieces of timber may be treated with animal-based ingredients, such as animal fat and blood.

Supporting vegan businesses

To help the vegan community thrive, research local suppliers in your area and shop with them. Vegan suppliers cover various services, including skincare and make-up shops, hair care shops, and spas. Try and meet with vegan groups in your area. The community can enlighten you regarding hidden animal ingredients in products you may have thought were plant-based.

It’s an exciting time for vegans, with loads of new businesses opening in recent years. From restaurants to fashion houses and animal-friendly paint companies,many businesses can ease your transition to veganism. Joining local vegan communities can also help you connect with other vegan students and locals who can advise on everything, from where to shop to must-visit restaurants.

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Jennifer Dawsonon 30 April 2021