How to Make University Life Easier

Freya Hugheson 28 February 2020

Nights out, textbooks, staying alive... Just a few of the things you’ve got to think about how you’re living independently – none of which come cheap.

Most students will suffer through the second half of each term, taking on that last month armed with just a fiver. 

Don’t be this student.

Instead, be smart.

Here’s a helpful reading list to get you making better decisions about your pocket money, productivity and personal habits.

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 Student Finance For Dummies

 It can feel like Student Finance is trying to make life difficult for you. While we can’t say conclusively whether this is actually the case, we can point you in the direction of this wonderful cheat sheet. 

 From the beginning of your finance journey to the end, there are some confusing ‘rules and regs’ put in place by the government. Get the Dummies’ guide to have it all explained simply. And don’t forget to highlight the particularly fruitful parts to share with your mates; when it comes to Student Finance, you’re safer if you stick together.

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 How to Be a Productivity Ninja

 Do you ever do that thing where you snap back to reality after being so far into an Instagram or YouTube rabbit hole that you’ve lost a full hour?

 Same. And it’s not just us.

 Author Graham Allcott used to do it too. Check out his tips for worrying less, achieving more and loving what you do. He recommends getting to grips with your inner ruthlessness and balancing it with mindfulness. You’ll learn to reach zen-like state and, most importantly, get things sorted.

 If you’re a student balancing a few things at a time, this is the perfect read for you.

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 You Need a Budget

 It’s true: budgets are essential. This book won’t tell you what to spend your money on, or how much. It’s more a collection of rules that’ll help you rethink your spending habits.

 Because if you’re anything like the average student, you’ll be frivolous with your loans. And that’s okay – up to a point. But developing healthy budgeting habits as early as possible will reduce stress and help you afford healthier, higher quality food.

 Basically, no more desperate attempts to live on loose change.

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 The Life Plan

 Not so much a self-help book, as a guide to getting sh*t done. Because good intentions aren’t enough to improve things – you need to act on them.

 This is a compilation of 700 little steps to take towards changing your life for the better. It’ll help you realise what's important and teach you how to stand up for what you believe in. 

 It’s not easy to cut through the noise of the modern world, but starting small and refocusing on what really matters to you will help you reflect and prioritise.

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 Worrying about the future? Feel like time’s whizzing by? 

 Practise mindfulness. It’s a concept that’s helped people around the world, learn to live in the moment.

 This book by Gill Hasson will help you learn how to think positively and become calmer in your thoughts. In a whirlwind environment like university, it’s an important skill to have – especially when it comes to breaking unhelpful thinking patterns. 

 So, have a read and master mindfulness.

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 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

 If you’re the type that needs a bit more guidance towards change, look no further. Author Stephen R Covey breaks down his step-by-step approach to becoming the best version of yourself.

 The book deep-dives into mentality, suggesting effective ways to pick up and maintain habits. It will teach you to focus on being more proactive and positive in your thinking. 

 Discover what successful people do and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Freya Hugheson 28 February 2020