The University of Hull. Using research to support mental well-being

Kirsty Mason on 21 February 2019

The University of Hull. Using research to support the mental well-being of your students

With increasing social and financial pressures, there is a greater emphasis on the duty of care universities have for their students well being.

What should a university do to support their students, where do they start?

These were the challenges that The University of Hull brought to us, wanting to use our panel for impartial insight and our qualified experts for their analysis.

For this research we focused on 16-18 year old students from all across the UK, studying all types of FE programmes and with differing interests in attending university.

We wanted to find out what causes stress and anxiety, and what students need to support with these, so that The University of Hull can identify and engage when necessary.

By asking qualitative and quantitative questions using our own impartial Student Hut panel we have helped The University of Hull create a strategy that will support their students and one that gives them a unique mindset into the needs of prospective students and what language to use when supporting.

The research and insight we have gained has been eye-opening and in some cases, heartbreaking, but we know that this important project will make a fundamental difference to the lives of students.

- Katherine Nicholls, Director of Research

Kirsty Mason
Kirsty Mason on 21 February 2019