Five hacks to make packing for uni a breeze

Nicola Joneson 1 September 2020
Five hacks to make packing for uni a breeze

So, it's almost time for you to fly the nest. It'll be time to pack your things soon, and packing for uni isn't like packing for a holiday. Follow these tips to ensure you bring what you need.

It’s nearly time. To put all your worldly possessions into boxes and head off for a new start at university. And while it’s exciting, it’s daunting too. How do you know what you need to bring? What’s a total waste of space? And what will you be kicking yourself for forgetting? Don’t worry - we’ve got you. 

1. Check what you need 

Don't turn up on the first day with the same stuff as your housemates - no one needs four toasters and six kettles. Set up a WhatsApp group beforehand and check who’s bringing what, and stick to the basics - you can live without a potato peeler for a week or two.

2. Keep it light

Don’t waste precious packing space on your entire first year reading list. Perlego offers free access to over 300,000 textbooks which will leave enough space for you to buy any books you can’t get online from eBay - saving both money and the environment.

3. Pack smarter

Take some time with your packing and you’ll thank yourself later. Wrap breakable items in clothes or towels and use pans with lids to hold smaller kitchen items so they don’t get lost. And remember to label your boxes! 

4. Prioritise the essentials 

Make a list of everything you definitely need for the first few weeks: clothes, toiletries, basic crockery and cutlery, bedding, towels and laptop/iPad. Everything else can wait until you've moved in, if and when you need it. Not only will this save you money, it will make packing easier too.

5. Bring some treats

Make sure you have a box or bag to hand loaded with wine/beer, glasses, biscuits, cups, kettle, tea, coffee and long life milk - you'll need it after the stress of moving in and it's a great way to make friends when no one else in your halls can find the teabags.

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Nicola Joneson 1 September 2020