Things that give you the ick: the ultimate list of irrational turn-offs

Molly Judgeon 18 February 2021
Woman looking disgusted

The funniest icks are the most irrational. They’ll seem weird and funny to you if you haven’t got the ick. But boy, if you’ve got it, you can’t un-have it. Here’s the ultimate list of icks.

It’s Friday evening. It’s cold outside. There’s a knock on the door. Your date has arrived! You excitedly run to the door and open it to the best-looking person that you could possibly imagine. You stare deeply into their eyes; it’s going to be the best night ever. And then you notice… they’re wearing fingerless gloves. Suddenly, the attraction has disappeared: the ick has taken over.

You may have heard of icks from TikTok, Reddit or even Love Island. Or you may have felt it yourself. But what is it? The ick is an instant turn-off. Suddenly, and for no reason, the person who you’ve been completely smitten with will do something that totally repulses you. You feel cringey and grossed out and it’s hard to shake off. 

Completely shallow, completely inexplicable and completely hilarious. Here’s a list of the weirdest icks we’ve heard of.

In no particular order:

Running up the stairs on all fours

Bouncing up and down at a concert

Speaking with their mouth full

Running for the bus whilst wearing a backpack

Trying to take off their top and getting it caught on their head

Wearing any Hollister clothing

Regularly updating their Facebook status

Running up the stairs at full speed but tripping on a step slightly

Driving at exactly the speed limit

When they miss the beat drop (and even ickier when they’re too early)

Chasing a ping pong ball (wildly embarrassing)

Dropping paper outside and struggling to pick it up because the wind keeps blowing it away

Owning a pencil case

Dancing out of time to the music

Dropping something in the supermarket and having to pick it up and put it back

Pressing the button on a pelican crossing

Taking a selfie (extra ick points for posting it on socials… and it’s topless… at the gym)

Crossing legs

Carrying an umbrella when the wind blows it inside out

Sitting on a bar stool and dangling legs

Tripping and acting like they didn’t

Losing balance on the Tube or train and wobbling slightly

Smiling with food in their teeth

Now, if you’re wondering ‘why do I have the ick?’, unfortunately, we can’t tell you why. Our list is just a few examples of the ick, and hopefully, you feel less alone knowing that you’re not the only one who gets it.

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Molly Judgeon 18 February 2021