The Ultimate Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Charlotte Forresteron 10 May 2019
The Ultimate Game of Thrones Drinking Game

The Ultimate Game of Thrones Drinking Game is just that, the ultimate drinking game for the ultimate show on TV. So grab your beers, wine or tequila and get ready for some action!

We’ve finally reached the last series ever of Game of Thrones. Whether you’ve been watching since the first series or have recently binged all eight to join in with the current Twitter discourse and memes, it’s still a sad time for the show’s loyal fans. To help you get through the grief though, here’s the ultimate Game of Thrones drinking game (Disclaimer: you may need to watch the episode again when sober so that you can actually remember what happens).


  • That title sequence starts playing – start off the episode right

  • Bran weirdly stares at someone/the camera

  • Tyrion takes a drink

  • Cersei takes a sip of wine from a chalice

  • An actor’s northern accent wavers

  • A dragon flies onto the screen

  • Arya does something badass

  • Daenerys talks about the iron throne

  • Sansa says how we must protect the North

  • Grey Worm is randomly lurking in the background of a scene and not getting the screen time they deserve

  • Jon Snow looks very worried/confused about something

  • Yara Greyjoy is side-lined from the action yet again

  • Jaime and Cersei have a sexually tense moment

  • Someone talks about bending the knee

  • Podrick follows Brienne around

  • Sansa looks out to Winterfell on the balcony

  • Tyrion is sarcastic

  • Bronn swears

  • Someone draws their weapon

  • Davos furrows his eyebrows

  • Daenerys rides one of her dragons


  • Someone refers to Jaimie’s missing hand

  • Cersei lies about her intentions

  • A regularly occurring character dies

  • There’s a cheeky sex scene

  • Someone has a limb chopped off

  • There’s a war strategy meeting

  • Daenerys lists all her regal titles

  • Sansa and Daenerys disagree on something and Jon is caught in the middle


  • There’s an incest scene

  • A popstar writes a song for the ending credits

  • Bran’s eyes roll to the back of his head

  • Your fave character dies

Good luck everyone and hope you don’t look like a White Walker when hungover!

Charlotte Forresteron 10 May 2019