Ultimate essentials for Pride street parties

Molly Judgeon 27 April 2021
pride street party

Never been to a street party? Here are all the essentials you'll need for Pride this year!

We’ve all got 24 June marked on our calendars, and, after a long lockdown, we’ve got one major event to look forward to - Pride. Finally, we’ll have the chance to showcase all our ASOS lockdown purchases on the runway, or should we say - streets.

Firstly, what is Pride, and why should you celebrate it?

Pride is an incredible movement that fights for equality for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. Usually taking place in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots in New York, a highly significant date for the queer community, are Pride parades - a celebration of unity, self-expression and love. The first-ever Pride in the UK took place in London in 1972, and now, nearly forty years later, we fly the rainbow flag during Pride in countless cities across the country. 

As you probably haven’t been out in a while, you might have forgotten what to bring with you. So, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of essentials if you’re attending a street party to celebrate Pride this year:

Please note, we mention drinking alcohol in this article. We do not condone underage drinking, but those aged 18 and above, enjoy!

1. Bumbag 

Firstly, a bumbag is a hilarious excuse to refer to your ‘fanny pack’ (it’ll never stop being funny). And, secondly, bum bags are essential for any type of festival or street party. You won’t want to lug around a backpack or shoulder bag. Keep your stuff safe and your hands free for pints and glow sticks. 

2. Water bottle

Yes, it’s boring, but when you’re drinking and dancing in the sun, a bottle of water will keep you going. Trust us, it’s not one to forget.

3. Suncream

Sorry to sound like a nagging parent, but you won’t realise how long you’re out in the sun when you’re high on celebrations. 

4. Costumes

There is no better place to express your personality with crazy costumes and outfits than Pride. Cover yourself with rainbows, glitter and leather, or lean the other way and wear very little! Pride is the time to go a little wild, and remember, nothing is too crazy or ‘out-there’!

5. Hat 

It’s likely going to be hot, and a hat will not only help to keep the sun off your face but will also make you more recognisable in a sea of people. Make sure your friends can find you when you’ve wandered off to check out something (or someone). But, remember to ditch your boring hat and turn up in style - think bucket or cowboy hats! 

6. Paracetamol 

Surrounded by loud noise, drinking and the sun, you don’t want a headache to cut your celebrations short. Bring a couple of painkillers just in case, or help out a friend or stranger - they’ll be ever thankful!

7. Donation

Pride is a day full of fun and love, but it’s also a movement fighting for the equality of the LGBTQ+ community. Make sure to donate to the organisation that’s campaigning for this cause, and pay for your ability to take part in a movement like this. 

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Happy Pride, everyone!

Molly Judgeon 27 April 2021