TikTokers Killing it in Quarantine

Sam McGouganon 23 April 2020
Phone displaying the TikTok logo.

If you're looking to take your mind off the current weird situation, we've got just the TikTokers for you.

We all use TikTok for different reasons, but let’s just say it: Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio are rocking the app. Let’s move on. Everyone needs distraction in these strange times, and the following content creators are the go-to for a bit of light relief from the news.

First up is @Finlidrappermusic. Finli makes his “drapper music” using glasses filled with water at various heights to alter the pitch played with a metal stick. He keeps it current by taking requests from his comments, and he is one of the more original profiles on the app, providing content the whole family can enjoy. 


Request from @maddog1789 ##fyp ##xyzbca ##foryoupage

♬ original sound - finlidrappermusic

@Alex.Stemp is another one for all ages. A fashion photographer whose hook is to approach people in public and shoot them as fashion models, cutting the final images into his videos like a mini makeover. His content taps into that excitement of ordinary people being spotted out and about and given their ’15 minutes’ (or 15 seconds!). 


Not sure what hurts more.. her saying No, or the original taken down at 90M views 🤧 @yo_girl_ruth @brentography

♬ Toosie Slide - Drake

Next, we have the stat kings and queens.  

@onlyjayus is a 20-year-old content creator who offers psychological facts and tricks to use out in public in a practical joker way. She says itworks ‘because she may or may not’ use the tricks on other people. With her sailor-like profanity and her IDGAF attitude, she is strong on LGBTQ+ equality, keeping her videos quick, hip and thought-provoking. Jayus is a Malaysian word meaning ‘the telling of a joke so unfunny that one can’t help but laugh’. But behind her casual profile are some impressive numbers: 336 videos and counting, a total of 176.4 million likes, giving each video an average of 525,000 likes each. She has an 8.7% engagement rate with her followers; well above average for a profile of this size.


Psychology Trick “Copy Cats” 🧠🧐 ##fyp ##psychology ##psychologytricks ##copyme

♬ original sound - onlyjayus

@ZachKing, a magician and performer using what he terms ‘digital sleight of hand', and it is super clever cool stuff. Zach has put the work in. For those who remember when Vine was the go-to platform for video content in the US and the UK, King was posting there, and when it closed he switched to YouTube. Then when TikTok became the thing, King jumped straight on it, gaining an app-record 20,000 followers in just two weeks. King has 432.6 million likes on 194 videos - an average of 2.2 million likes per video, and these numbers are only going up.


Kids make life more interesting ##family ##happyathome ##magic

♬ original sound - zachking

And finally, one to watch for surviving lockdown, @cookingwithShereen is dedicated to comfort food that is easy to make at home with loved ones. This American housewife only has 1.4 million followers, but 17 million likes on her 27 videos. She makes simple, easy to follow recipe videos that give you a mouth-watering but achievable result. Since lockdown in the UK alone, she has amassed 15.5 million likes as families look for ways to use up limited ingredients at home. This can only grow significantly as she is discovered in the For You page.


Bravoado Avocado! ##fyp ##foryourpage ##quickrecipes ##imaboss ##healthyrecipe ##cookingtips ##happyathome ##tiktokrecipe ##recipe ##guacamole

♬ Pharaon - Gipsy Kings

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Sam McGouganon 23 April 2020