How to Throw a Killer Halloween Party

Toby Green on 28 October 2019
Two Jack-o'-Lanterns lit up in the dark.

If you’re planning on having your own gathering, read our list of vital tips to throw the best costume party your friends have ever seen.

It’s that time of year again.

The days are getting shorter (and wetter), the nights are getting colder and everyone seems to be focused on getting through to the Christmas break. 

But fear not. As you well know, the start of autumn also marks the greatest party holiday of them all; Halloween. From wacky costumes to novelty cocktails, it’s a great opportunity to have a mid-semester get-together and meet some new people outside of your normal group. 

Have a Theme 

Of course, almost every Halloween party has an element of fancy dress involved, but it’s no secret that different people appreciate getting dressed up differently.

The easiest way to ensure that everyone gets involved in the fun is by picking a specific theme. Whether it’s the 80s, 90s, Super Heroes or Celebrities, there are so many potential settings that will give people plenty of options when preparing an outfit, so even the lazy ones can’t complain. 

Guest List 

This is essential if you’re looking for a stress-free evening.

Whether you’re creating a Facebook page or a WhatsApp group, it’s a good idea to keep the number of people you invite to your gathering to a minimum. Make sure your group is private on whatever social media you’re using, and try to keep your list to around 30-40 people max (or less, depending on how big your accommodation is), only inviting people you know from your course, flat block, etc.   

Social gatherings at university are a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your circles, so you do want to encourage a diverse crowd to turn up. However, you don’t want it to get out of hand. So to avoid a bunch of random people walking around your kitchen, try and narrow it down a bit - it will leave you feeling more at ease when the party gets going. 


The word Halloween brings to mind one decoration: the Jack-o’-Lantern. Now, if you want to make a complete mess carving overpriced vegetables and have to buy a bunch of candles, then go for it. Let’s be honest, leaving open flames all over your student accommodation may not be the most sensible idea, as there are far easier and safer alternatives. 

If you get yourself down to any supermarket or hardware store, you should be able to find yourself some fairy lights / LEDs which will give your place a more cozy feel. There are many options available, so have an explore and find something which is a good fit for you. On top of this, they’re also reusable, so you can also do your bit to be sustainable and be prepared for future parties at the same time. 


Arguably the most crucial element of your party experience is the playlist you decide to put on. This will not only set the tone for the whole evening, but can lead to some hilarious results, especially when considering how weird most ‘scary’ or ‘spooky’ songs actually are.

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas for your own gathering, check out some Halloween Spotify playlists, or have a read below for some Halloween song inspiration - 

  • Michael Jackson - Thriller 
  • Stevie Wonder - Superstition 
  • Shakira - She Wolf 
  • Kanye West - Monster


Although telling everyone to bring a bottle is the go-to, you can really make your party stand out by going the extra mile with the drinks on offer. 

Why not get in the Halloween mood and prepare your own cocktails. There are plenty of recipes out there, with a favourite being the Bloody Mary (primarily Vodka and Tomato Juice). If you want to make something unique for your guests, check out the BBC list here. 

So that’s about it. With a combination of good friends, good music and even better refreshments, your Halloween party is sure to be a winner.

Toby Green
Toby Green on 28 October 2019