Three reasons to complete a virtual internship

Shelly O’Gilvie – B2C Marketing Lead at Bright Networkon 25 May 2022
Laptop with a zoom video call meeting

A virtual internship is an opportunity to develop your skills, gain work experience, and boost your career prospects, all from the comfort of your home.

Internships are a great opportunity to get real-world experience in a sector you’re interested in before you graduate from university. However, in-person internships are also a big commitment. What happens if you get halfway through a three-month internship only to realise you don’t actually like the sector you’re interning in? 

Virtual internships are a great way to test out a sector you think you want to go into and get the experience you need without the massive time commitment and the need to live in or commute to expensive places like London. Virtual internships like Internship Experience UK (the largest and no.1 virtual internship in the UK) give you a chance to hear from experts, connect with leading employers and complete real work you can brag about on your CV - all in just three days. 

Here are three reasons to complete a virtual internship while at university.

Nothing to lose, everything to gain

If you’re strapped for time or don’t want to give up that summer job you love, you’ll only need to spare a fraction of the time you’d need to commit to an in-person internship. 

Internship Experience UK still gives you the valuable experience and networking opportunities an in-person internship can give you, without having to give up your whole summer or commit to the dreaded commute.

You also have the opportunity to complete an internship experience across a range of sectors with Internship Experience UK On-Demand. Do one experience live and choose another to do in your own time to not only get a broad range of experiences but also help you decide on your preferred sector if you’re sitting on the fence?

Not sure what you want to do? Take this career path test to figure out what sectors and jobs might suit you.

Exclusive insights from world-class speakers and leading employers

Because virtual internships are remote, organisers are often able to bring in well-known and highly considered speakers to address participants. This means you’ll be able to hear from experts and people who’ve proved they’re the best in their field, without having to pay extortionate fees to meet them. 

At Internship Experience UK 2022, participants will be able to hear a keynote speech from Tim Campbell, winner of the first season of The Apprentice and co-founder of the Bright Ideas Trust - an organisation that helps young people start their own businesses.

Virtual internships also bring together multiple employers so you have the best chance of connecting with leading firms in your chosen sector. Rather than interning for one employer, you can pick the brains of top representatives across a broad range of companies and really find out what it’s like to work in the sector. 

At this year’s Internship Experience UK, you’ll have the opportunity to attend exclusive sessions led by top global employers from a variety of sectors, such as Google, Bank of America and the Civil Service Fast Stream.

Supercharge your CV and get a taste of real-world tasks

Part of the value of undertaking an internship is getting to experience what you might be doing in a graduate role in your chosen sector. This is still possible via a virtual internship and you can still gain the experience and skills you need to build out your CV

At Internship Experience UK, you’re given the opportunity to complete a work sample set by the leading employers on your chosen stream. This work sample mirrors real work you’d be set in a graduate role in the sector and provides you with something to talk about in interviews. As a bonus, you’ll also receive an employer-recognised certificate at the end of the experience that you can display on your CV and LinkedIn profile to show potential employers your dedication to your chosen sector and career path.

Shelly O’Gilvie – B2C Marketing Lead at Bright Networkon 25 May 2022