Things Southern Students Just Won't Understand About The North

Student Huton 24 October 2017
Things Southern Students Just Won't Understand About The North

With students moving all across the country for uni, you'll soon find there are some pretty big differences between northerners and southerners!

Going to uni provides you with the opportunity to meet people from all different types of backgrounds that are probably very different from your school friends! This leads to the inevitable north / south debate that is commonplace at universities all across the UK. Which differences have had you arguing with your northern and southern buddies?

Tea is tea, and tea is also tea

"I'm just gonna have some tea."

"Is that all you're having!?"

we know how to make a proper brew!

"I'm gaspin'!" Yorkshire Tea is an absolute must.

we have awesome accents

twerk northern accents

We also have our own names for things but soon find that not everyone calls it a 'ginnel' or a 'snicket'. People are also called 'duck' or 'love' for no apparent reason up north.

we love look north

Step aside Metro newspapers, Look North is where it's at.

We rarely complain about the cold or drizzle

Rain is part of the land, duck. As long as you can still sit and have a pint there's no problem!

We understand the importance of good gravy


We have gravy with everything. It is imperative that everyone knows how to make a really good gravy. If you’re plate isn’t swimming in gravy you’re not eating your meal right. Also, it's such a pain to get curry sauce with your fish & chips down south.

NO London Pricing

£5 for a pint!? You're having a laugh.

We get proper fish and chips up north

You'll never find a small fish served in soggy batter with hardly any chips to go with it up north. You do in London though...

we're immune to the cold on a night out

northern students immune to the cold on nights out

If you drink enough and dance hard enough then there's no need to feel the cold! Plus, no one can see your outfit under a jacket.

We do proper portions

proper northern portion of food

Large portions are commonplace up North. Down south there's sparse portions with sky high prices and quite frankly, it's a sad sight to see.

Way more Greggs around

Greggs is a northern student's best friend. Cheap, filling and consistent? Yes, please.

the south can't compete with our beautiful countryside

beautiful countryside in the north

No concrete jungles in sight. No weird smog. No police sirens constantly going off in the middle of the night. No commuters cough...*sigh*

We have our own irresistible ways of sweet-talking you

People also point out that you speak differently which can be a super awesome conversation starter at the bar.

Chatting to strangers isn't seen as psychotic behaviour in the north

chatting to strangers

You can say hello to people without them scowling back at you. Bus drivers are also talkative and friendly because they're lovely people. London is hostile and the epitome of staying in your own bubble on public transport.


affordable housing

You could buy a house and pay off a mortage up north. Or you can live in a tiny studio flat next to a busy road that never sleeps.

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Student Huton 24 October 2017