Things that Magically get Done when you’re Supposed to be Revising

Freya Hugheson 10 December 2019
Things that Magically get Done when you’re Supposed to be Revising

It’s amazing the effect revision can have on a person. Some of us will spend hours poring over books, not moving an inch for nothing or no one. Others, however...

Make a revision timetable

Get things going with a swish timetable you’ll definitely stick to

Colour it in so it looks nice on your wall

Needs to look good, doesn’t it. But what about all the mess...

Your bedroom is suddenly spotless

Clear room, clear mind... right? 

And so is the rest of the house

You’ve done your room so it would have been rude not to.

Now you need to go restock on cleaning products. To the shops!

Nobody can say you’re not helpful and conscientious. 

All the entry-level DIY your mum’s ever mentioned needs doing is complete

You needed a break from the tidying, so why not help your parents out?

Got an animal? Bet its litter tray, bowls and bed are suddenly taken care of

Can’t neglect the pet!

Spend some quality time with your mum

Maybe a little sit down together, after your hard work around the house.

It wouldn’t be fair not to do the same for your dad

Fair is fair, after all.

Exercise – apparently the information sticks better if you’ve been active

And a breath of fresh air never hurt.

Time for a shower

Can’t revise when you’re all sweaty.

Have a look online for cheap holidays

Where better to show off your newly toned physique?

Sort out all computer desktop

Everything else in your life is spotless, makes sense that your computer is too.

Organise all your email inbox

See above.

Get in touch with an old friend

With all this ‘spare’ time on your hands, it’s important to make plans with someone you haven’t seen since primary school, right?

And finally, time to open the first textbook–

Oh wait, is it dinner time already…?

Freya Hugheson 10 December 2019