Common issues when planning to study in the UK

Oscar Djama on 28 May 2021
Common issues when planning to study in the UK

Moving abroad can be tricky. Find out what you need to know with this informative piece.

As with any big decision in your life, studying abroad isn’t something you decide to do overnight. You’ll spend time assessing the pros and cons, and deciding whether you’re ready to leave home comforts behind.

If you’re weighing up an application to study in Britain, you’re in luck; this article contains a comprehensive list of the key challenges and considerations you’ll face.

1. Cost of living abroad

Money. You need it to get things done but, unfortunately for students, it’s hard to save during your studies. Many prospective study abroad students say this is their biggest barrier when applying.

But statistics indicate that relocating to another country is much easier as a student than it is as a professional. There are loads of British scholarships and tuition schemes out there to help you fund your move, and most flights give relocating students an extra baggage allowance. The UK also has a robust student discount programme, so once you’ve got your university card you’ll have the freedom to explore bars, galleries and museums at a discounted rate.

2. Securing the right accommodation

Finding an apartment takes time, but if you start early and research well, you should be able to secure a nice pad. Student housing associations near London and at Nottingham University have private rooms, spacious halls, and shared amenities for international students to socialise and find their bunch in the faraway land. You can find suitable student housing of your choice online even before your travel so that you have a comfortable place to stay from day one.

3. What do I pack?

When moving abroad, it pays to pack efficiently. To avoid overpacking, we’d recommend packing as lightly as possible and researching the things you can buy abroad. Save space for essentials like travel documents, medicine, and any food and supplies that you can’t buy abroad.

4. Paperwork

Filing paperwork for your move can seem like a big task. But, once you’ve planned out what it is you need to do, it becomes less daunting. If possible, ask a relative or friend to help you with admin. Break the job down into manageable chunks and it will be far easier than you imagined.

5. Adapting to a new country

The culture shock of moving somewhere new isn’t as scary as it sounds. Accept and understand that adapting to a new setting takes time and you’ll be fine. Keep in touch with loved ones regularly and be open with your peers. You’ll feel at home in no time.

How Amberstudent can help you

We at AmberStudent are dedicated to providing the best student experience. We understand that this is an uncertain time, which is why we have implemented a comprehensive programme for helping students to relocate during the pandemic.

Moving house can be tough at the best of times. Follow these tips to make the transition as soon as possible. If you have any additional questions about moving to the UK, get in touch with Amberstudent to find out how they can help.

Oscar Djama
Oscar Djama on 28 May 2021