Things that give you the ick: Valentine’s Day edition

Katie Bakeron 13 February 2023
Bucket of glittery red and white hearts spilling onto the floor

We're back again with more cringe-worthy icks, this time for everyone's favourite cheesy love day.

Another year, another Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is planning a romantic evening with their SO, you’re reading this article. So take a minute and read about how you can avoid giving your crush the ick.

Anonymous cards

Is there anything more creepy? It’s not the 90s anymore. 

Heart-shaped chocolates 

This just screams Hallmark movie.

Booking a table for two at Pizza Express

Picture this: You’re surrounded by other dates sitting on those cheap wooden chairs, eating dough balls arranged in a heart shape (obviously), all using their 50% off O2 rewards voucher.

Making playlists for each other

Has this ever actually been cool?

Anonymous roses

Again with anonymity! Also, how did you get the address!?

Matching tattoos

Great to have one with friends, bad idea to have one with a partner. Plus, if you’re in a long-distance one at uni, you’ll probably break up anyway.

Trying to get a Tinder date on the day

Nothing, and I mean nothing, screams desperation quite like it.

Extravagant gifts

There’s nothing worse than carrying an oversized teddy on the bus. Play it safe, just stick with a card (signed version).

Cringy love poems

Unless you’re John Keats, no one wants to hear it.

Not recognising Galentine’s Day as a proper holiday

Get yourself a Sue Perkins. They really are the best.

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Katie Bakeron 13 February 2023