There’s no such thing as strange nowadays

Eleana Davidson on 30 April 2020
Woman lying down.

We asked what ‘strange’ things you guys have been getting up to in lockdown that seem totally normal now but five weeks ago would have been really weird. Here’s what we got:

Shaved my head

"I’ve always wanted to but was concerned about employability so now felt like a good time".

Ques for days

"Queued for some bread".

Letting loose

"I'm only washing my hair once a week, I'm not shaving my body hair at all, and I am letting my eyebrows grow out".

Cleaning literally everything

"Disinfecting groceries. Never thought I'd do that before".

Roaming Around

"My parents would have found it really strange for me to go out on a walk alone in the evening without going somewhere important, but that's completely normal now".

Getting that exercise in

"I do a 5k run every week and a lot less online shopping".

Potentially losing my mind

"I'm talking to my fish".

Keeping it fresh...

"Dressing up for dinner with a theme each night to keep us entertained".

...and staying cosy

"Getting ready and dressed just to sit at home".

Staying in touch

"Video calling my friends so that we can watch Netflix together".

Making new friends

"I've made friends with a field of cows and bring them a snack every day so I guess that's probably slightly weirder than usual".

What have you been doing which is now totally unweird in this ‘new normal’? Let us know at @studenthutuk, and sign up to the panel to make sure you’re involved (and paid!) in these discussions next time round.

Eleana Davidson
Eleana Davidson on 30 April 2020