ThatOneCharlie: The ultimate guide to studying at Durham University

Lois King on 14 July 2021
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StudyTuber Charlie shows us what life is like as a student at Durham University. Check out his experience.

Are you an A Level student looking to go to university this year? Studytuber Charlie, or as he’s otherwise known ThatOneCharlie, has expanded his channel from travel vlogging to tips and tricks on boosting grades and getting into your dream university. From how to pick the right institution, to an honest look into university life and culture, Charlie’s channel covers it all. 

Charlie studies Archaeology and History at Durham University, so if Durham’s on your list, then this is one YouTube channel that will be right up your street. His channel zooms into the city of Durham, acting as a guide for anyone wanting to study there, highlighting the best spots for reading, studying and socialising. 

But if Durham isn’t on your radar, you will still enjoy the variety of university-based content on his channel. From how to stay positive and motivated while studying online to how to complete an essay in three hours (we’ve all been there), you’re sure to find something to relate to.

And if university videos aren’t your thing, then you can still follow along with his comical videos, such as reacting to exam results and tier lists. 

Did we mention the best part about Durham University? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then this university should be on your radar as some of the scenes were filmed in Durham Cathedral. From the scene where Ron throws up slugs to Professor McGonagall’s classroom, you’re sure to find Durham magical and take you back to your childhood!

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Lois King
Lois King on 14 July 2021