Ten party ideas for your 20th birthday

Julia Marolton 11 May 2022
Person holding up gold balloons shaped like a 20

Looking for ideas on how to celebrate your 20th? Check out these party tips for the best 20th birthday celebration.

If your 20th birthday is coming up, it’s time to start preparing an unforgettable celebration. Here are ten party ideas for your 20th birthday.

Dinner from around the world

Celebrating your birthday with dishes from around the world will make your celebration a memorable one. If your friends are up for the challenge, get everyone to bring a unique dish. The person whose birthday it is could then judge the dishes, awarding a prize for the tastiest one. 

Themed party

House parties are a great shout for any occasion. To enhance the experience, consider having a theme. You could dress up as something with the same first letter as your name, or get everyone to choose their favourite 90s icon.

Drinking games

Provided you and your friends all drink, some birthday drinking games will spice up any celebration. All you need is a willing group of friends. There are loads of drinking games you can find online with all kinds of hilarious rules.

Music to suit the event

Depending on your theme, you can choose an appropriate playlist for the occasion. It could be music from the eighties, nineties, or any other generation or genre. If you want to take things a step further, you could book a DJ or see if any of your mates fancy mixing.

Trivia night

Trivia games are a fun way to celebrate a birthday. Test everyone’s general knowledge with questions found online, or take things a step further and write your own. For example, you could plan your trivia night questions around famous people who are 20. 

Roaring 20s

This theme deserved its own slot. If you’re celebrating your 20th in the 2020s, why not try and relive the glamour of the 1920s? All you’ll need is some art deco decorations, feathers, pearls, and plenty of gold to achieve the perfect Great Gatsby-style party.

Outdoor activities

If you don’t fancy a huge party, try celebrating your 20th with a fun group-oriented activity. This could be a spa day, an escape room, a scavenger hunt, or a theme park. Whatever you’d enjoy most!

Weekend away

A weekend city break with your friends is a great way to celebrate your 20th birthday. Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, or even a UK staycation are all great shouts. After all, birthdays are best when celebrated over a few days. 

Game night

With all the board games available nowadays, a game night is a great way to spend your birthday. Just make sure you don’t end up destroying any friendships! From the classics like Monopoly to the newer games, there is something for everyone. Get some cocktails and snacks going while you play for the ultimate birthday celebration.

Murder mystery dinner

Detectives, secrets, and a suspicious murder. Will you catch the killer? A murder mystery dinner will improve any birthday celebration, adding something unique. You’re sure to forge long-lasting memories for you and your friends that you’ll talk about for years to come.

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Julia Marolton 11 May 2022