How to Take the Stress out of Household Bills

Sponsored by acasa on 2 September 2019

When you think of freshers week, you don’t tend to think of bills. They’re mundane and stressful… especially when there are countless other things you’d rather be doing. 

If you’re partial to showering and enjoy having running water, or perhaps a reliable internet connection for binge watching your favourite shows, then setting up your bills is crucial. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps that can make it all more straight-forward. So kick back and enjoy your freshers – there is a way to organise your bills, stress-free. 


This handy bill-splitting app takes the edge off any worries you might have about new housemates not paying their fair share of the bills. 

It’s easy to use and super quick to sign up for. In fact, you can be up and running in three minutes, with zero fees. 

Each housemate pays their share of the bills through the acasa app. The app will even send notifications to alert you that it’s bill time, and you can simply press accept for hassle free payment. 

The best part? No arguments about who’s going to be in charge of the accounts. Internet, water, electricity and gas bills are split and sorted.

And, as acasa is one of the cheapest bill splitting providers around, you’ll have extra cash for all the drinks you need during freshers week.  

Even better, signing up and sorting your bills with acasa bags you a £30 Just Eat voucher. How ‘bout that?

Create a group chat 

Once you and your new housemates have had a moment to sit down to talk about bills, set up a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger group chat to keep everyone in line. 

It’s a quick and easy way to chat through important admin bits if you’re all on the go, and a pretty painless way to chase up any late payments. Because if you call a lazy bill payer out on a group chat there is no escape! Unless they leave the chat... 🤔

Whip up a spreadsheet

This is a good plan if you’re someone who loves organising. And because the 21st Century treated us to Google Sheets, you can do this for free and without wasting paper. You’ll be doing your bit to save the environment and organising your household bills all at the same time.

Outline who’s responsible for each bill, due dates and the amount each person owes. You can even colour code everything to your heart’s content because who says admin can’t be fun?

Avoid late fees

This is an obvious but important one. Pay. Your. Bills. On. Time. It's a necessary habit to get into, which will serve you well in the future, and more importantly, will help you avoid late fees and stress!

Rally the troops and make sure your housemates are aware of the due dates are. Throw it in your group chat. Get a house calendar. Stick Post-Its to the bathroom mirror. Just get it done.

Late fees can rack up really fast, so make sure you and your housemates will have each other's backs!

Don’t be afraid to set boundaries

If you’re the lead bill payer and someone isn’t paying what’s due without a valid reason, the only person that will be affected is you. So if someone is making the same excuses over and over, you’re completely within your rights to give them a frank talking to on what you guys can do to stop this from happening.

Don’t be afraid to stand your ground if somebody ain't paying what’s due. Especially if you’re the one who will have to pay out of your own pocket if they don’t.

There are so many solutions to help when you’re sorting out your bills. We particularly like the idea of having everything come out in one lump sum without relying on your housemates to send their cash on time - thanks acasa! 

We hope our tips have helped to ease any stress you might have around household bills once you start uni. Just remember, there are so many solutions available now you’ll be totally fine. Enjoy freshers week!

Sponsored by acasa on 2 September 2019