How we are supporting students and partners through COVID-19

Steve Evans on 26 March 2020
How we are supporting students and partners through COVID-19

Like everyone, students have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Exams cancelled, institutions closing and isolation, it’s a lot for all of us to handle.

The normal rules of life no longer apply and that’s why Student Hut has been repurposed as a support site for students during COVID-19 and to provide insight to institutions and brands. 

Supporting Students

Coping through COVID-19

Through our partnership with the student mental well-being app, Fika, we’ve developed supportive articles and advice to help students build mental fitness and improve their emotional wellbeing. And, right now we are developing a new community area with one goal helping students. 

Free access to over 300,000+ textbooks 

To help students carry on learning and accessible to all, Perlego have partnered with Student Hut and opened up their library for six weeks of free access for 5,000 students.

With libraries and campuses closed and students studying remotely can access the books they need to continue learning, from the top educational publishers. 

Supporting our partners

COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 will dominate decisions over the next 3 months and beyond; where study, where travel, what buy. In this unprecedented time, there is no data, but there can be insight. 

The Office for Students chose the Student Hut Opinion Panel to understand the views of key student groups; including applicants, undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates, to measure the impact of the OfS and its projects in England. Now we are using our panel and prospective students of universities and colleges in 2020 and beyond, to find out what impact COVID-19 will have on their education and consumer choices.

The Student Hut Covid Tracker monitors weekly changes in student attitudes, making sense of the chows to provide tangible insights to support the changing needs of the student audience. You can receive weekly updates on student attitudes here

Connecting you, with your students, for free

Over the coming months, students will be using Student Hut to help them with their decision making and next steps, by downloading their personalised, user-generated digital prospectus. We will be supporting universities, and students, by sharing GDPR compliant, opted-in student contacts with those relevant institutions. 

If you want to receive the details of the students who have opted into download the Student Hut user-generated prospectus for your institution, contact us here.

The situation is rapidly evolving, so if you need any help or want to know more about how Student Hut can support you, get in touch

Steve Evans
Steve Evans on 26 March 2020