18 things to do in the summer after year 13

Molly Judgeon 10 August 2021
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How are you planning on spending your summer?

You’ve done it - A Levels are over, and you’ve finished school or college. You deserve the best summer ever! Although easy to spend your holidays in front of the TV or Xbox, there are far more fun and worthwhile ways to spend your time off (and we’re not talking about getting through your university reading list!)

Without further ado, let’s jump into the pre-university bucket list:

1. Save up (for pints)

And how can you save up? With a hustle, of course. Jobs come in various forms; some may be sociable, like working behind a bar, while others may be independent or entrepreneurial, like tutoring or starting an Etsy shop. There are many ways of making money and you can use this experience to bolster your future opportunities. 

PS. If you want to start your own business, then check out these side hustles for inspiration. 

2. Gain work experience 

It can be tough to work out what you want to do long-term, so try out different avenues. Who knows - perhaps animal care is what you want to do, or how about dentistry, or even marketing? Even if you figure out you never want to become a journalist, you’ll learn valuable transferable skills that can be applied to your time at university. 

3. Go interrailing

Interrailing is a great way to explore Europe. For those on a super tight budget, opt for night trains and travel around Eastern Europe. You’ll save on accommodation, meaning your budget will stretch further. 

4. Become an au pair

Au pairing is one of the most affordable ways of working abroad as you get free accommodation and food. It’s also a great way to learn a foreign language and experience a new culture. Bonjour, Paris!

5. Explore your options with Workaway 

Workaway is a website that advertises jobs abroad, such as on farms and vineyards. On the site, you can see reviews from others who have been to the destination, in addition to an overview of everything that’s included, and what is expected of you. You can also connect to those who have experienced it all!  

6. Get stuck into some charity work 

Volunteering is great if you know your desired career path and want to take steps to get a foot in the door. It’s valuable to employers as it shows your dedication and passion for the cause. You don’t have to stay in the UK either; there are exciting volunteering opportunities worldwide, from building schools to wildlife conservation. 

7. Hit up a festival

Pick a festival that plays your favourite genre of music, grab your friends and make a weekend of it. 

8. Take on a sporting challenge 

Have the Olympics inspired you? Challenge yourself by taking part in an event like a half marathon, a tough mudder or triathlon while also raising money for charity. Now that’s something to talk about when you head off to university in September. 

9. Plan a party holiday

There’s no rite of passage like a party holiday! Fully embrace the Inbetweeners Movie and head to Zante, Magaluf or Ibiza!

10. Go on a UK road trip

The UK has some scenic places y worth a visit, and what better time to visit than when travel is restricted? Pack the car and camping kit and plan an amazing route. If you’re looking to hit up the beach, then plan your trip around some of the best beaches in the UK. 

11. Start a new hobby 

Try something completely new like rollerblading, parkour or watercolour painting. What have you got to lose? 

12. Apply for a reality show like Love Island or Naked Attraction

If you’re someone who watches shows like Love Island and Naked Attraction and thinks, ‘yes, this is absolutely something I’d like to do!’, take this as a sign from the universe to do it!

13. Learn a language

Chances are, you’ll have housemates or coursemates who aren’t from the UK, so why not impress them with your knowledge of their language? Plus, it’ll help to make them feel right at home. Plus, if you’re looking to do a sandwich year, a little knowledge of the lingo never hurts!

14. Learn to cook

Cooking is a great skill, especially if you’re moving out soon. It’s also a great stress reliever and a necessity when it comes to rustling up a late-night snack!

15. Get Tiktok famous

You know you want to. 

16. Make the most of living close to your friends

If you’re moving out soon, hang out with your mates as much as possible. Life becomes hectic when you’re juggling studying, socialising and adulting all at once, so make time to just chill out with them before heading off to university. 

Where will the summer take you? Check out our other articles here for the ultimate summer. 

Molly Judgeon 10 August 2021