Considering studying in Scotland? Check out Studytuber Nayna Florence's experience

Lois King on 31 March 2021

Tuition may be free in Scotland, but is it the right place for you to study? Keep reading to find out.

Trying to wrap your head around student loans and wondering how you can finance your studies? Scotland could be a great option for you, with free tuition for those already living in Scotland or citizens of EU countries looking to study their first undergrad. 

If you’re still not convinced that Scotland is the place for you, check out Studytuber Nayna’s videos of living in Scotland as a student. She studies Economics at the University of Edinburgh, one of the most-loved cities in the country. If you particularly love Edinburgh then you’re in luck, as there are three universities to choose from in the city. 

Living far from home, Nayna’s content also focuses on self-care, which we could all benefit from during the pandemic. From taking herself on a date to her de-stress evening routine, we could all do with treating ourselves during stressful times. If you’re a student studying through the Covid-19 crisis, then Nayna’s videos will give you a sense of solidarity that you’re not going through it alone.  

With 226,000 subscribers, we have to congratulate Nayna for absolutely killing it on her channel. If you’re a budding YouTuber, then check out how Nayna makes her videos so you can reach YouTube stardom too.

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Lois King
Lois King on 31 March 2021