Hollie Jade: A-Levels during the pandemic

Lois King on 8 April 2021
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Studying during the pandemic is tough. Find out how YouTuber Hollie Jade is coping with the challenges of online learning.

If you’re studying for your A-Levels during the pandemic, then Hollie’s channel is one to check out for a boost of productivity. In lockdown, it can be difficult to stay motivated when there doesn’t seem to be an end goal or celebration for your hard work. But, by following along with Hollie’s videos, you can study alongside her to achieve your goals. 

Hollie joined in 2018 and has only been posting content since July 2020. Hollie’s channel has already grown, and she now has over 1,500 subscribers. We’ve all seen the pandemic’s impact on local businesses, communities and artists, so why not support a small channel like Hollie’s? We would love to see more students making insightful and useful content into the student experience, so make sure to go and show her channel some love! 

And, if you’re excited to go back to school this year, then check out how Hollie prepares for her return to education. As we all know, it will be quite the transition from online to in-person or blended learning in September 2021. 

PS If you’re also a One Direction fan, or more specifically a Harry Styles mega fan, then you’ll love seeing the memorabilia in Hollie’s videos. 

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Lois King
Lois King on 8 April 2021