Sociology at university: StudyTuber Elser’s experience

Lois King on 27 April 2021

Find out what StudyTuber Elser is up to at the University of Leeds.

Elser is a Sociology student at The University of Leeds who creates content on her YouTube channel so you can follow along with her university experience. Elser’s platform is thriving; she has a large following on YouTube with over 11,000 subscribers, and it’s clear to see why. Her content focuses on productivity and day in the life videos. She also ties in her lifestyle as a vegan student into her content, which many resonate with. She shares recipes and quick meals for students, which you can check out on her channel. We also have our series on veganism, which you can read here

Are you in the process of deciding which university to go to or which course to study? If you’re interested in what life as a Sociology student looks like, then Elser’s channel is a great in-depth look into the modules you might study at The University of Leeds and the content that you’ll cover. Once lockdown has lifted, you’ll also be able to watch her vlogs around the city for an even more holistic view of university life in Leeds. 

As Elser’s channel focuses on productivity, you’ll also be glad to hear she’s got some amazing content about her bullet journals. So, if you love watching people create their bullet journals, then make sure to watch Elser’s oh-so-aesthetic journal tours. She also has videos on her university set-up to improve her concentration. If you’re looking for more tips on making your desk space work for you, then check out our article!

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Lois King
Lois King on 27 April 2021