How these students will be spending their Christmas

Laycie Beckon 23 December 2020

With the latest government restrictions throwing festive plans across the nation into disarray, five students tell us how they’ll be celebrating this year.

This Christmas will be one like no other, with current restrictions meaning many of us will be unable to spend it with family and friends as we would have liked to. This is especially true for students, many of whom currently live hundreds of miles away from their families.

In light of these restrictions, many students are now planning to host their own festivities. Some households are opting for a traditional style Christmas, while others are going for something a bit more unique, to reflect the crazy year we have all had.

Five students from universities across the UK told us how they and their households will be spending their Christmas in 2020:

Ruby McIntosh, 20

Ruby is in her final year studying International Hospitality Management at The University of Plymouth. This year she’s decided to stay in Plymouth for Christmas due to the current Tier 2 restrictions.

She and her housemates plan to have a nice breakfast together and open stockings that they have filled for one another before enjoying a Christmas dinner in the afternoon and playing board games in the evening.

Ruby said: “The current restrictions have meant I won’t be able to properly see my parents over Christmas.

“I haven’t seen them in a really long time. Not being able to give them a hug and having to stay away from them is so sad. 

“But I’m just hoping I will see them for my 21st birthday in January.”

Toby Smith, 20

Toby's currently in his third year of studying computer science at The University of Lincoln. Both Lincolnshire and his hometown in Nottinghamshire are under Tier 3 restrictions.

He said: “I won’t be meeting any of my brothers for Christmas and I can only spend it with my parents because of the current restrictions.

“It also means I can’t spend it with my girlfriend, as she lives a distance away.”

However, Toby hopes it will still feel like Christmas, despite the unusual circumstances, as he plans to check in with his loved ones via Zoom.

Paula Kioko

Paula is a third-year Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University, who has recently travelled home to Kenya to spend the Christmas period with her family. 

She said: “So far the corona restrictions aren’t as bad as the UK. We are only required to constantly wear our masks, sanitise and have temperature checks wherever you go.

“I have no plans for Christmas. I’ll probably stay at home and relax with my family after a year of being apart, which would be fine with me.

“The current restrictions haven’t really affected us that badly, the greatest restriction so far is cutting Christmas short due to the 10 pm curfew.”

Max Morrey, 21

Max is in his final year studying Criminology at Nottingham Trent University. He recently travelled home to Leeds so he could spend Christmas with his family. Leeds and Nottingham are both in tier 3. 

He said: “My family had set up a support bubble before I came back which included a family friend, and we are planning on spending Christmas there.

“The current restrictions haven’t affected Christmas too badly this year, but it does mean I won’t be able to see my Dad and the other members of my extended family this year.”

Chezney Fixter, 21

Chezney's a third-year Sociology student at The University of Sheffield. She returned to her home in Nottinghamshire and plans to spend Christmas there with her family.

She said: “Covid has impacted my Christmas because usually I would stay in Sheffield a little longer and have a Christmas dinner with my mates, and then I’d return home and spend it with all my family.

“My family is quite big so, because of Covid, I won’t be able to see all of them at Christmas as I usually would.”

No matter what we do for Christmas this year, it is important that we make time to have fun and see our loved ones. Just remember to stay safe and stick to the guidelines.

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Laycie Beckon 23 December 2020