What do students think of lockdown?

Lois King on 18 January 2021

Checking university lockdown news 24/7 has become normal for students, with exams and tuition constantly changing. Here's how students have responded to lockdown 3.0.

The new lockdown measures have been tough on all of us, not least the student community. Friendship groups have been split, with some students choosing to work from their family home, and others opting to weather the storm by shacking up with their roommates. All the while, lecture theatres across the nation are gathering dust, with no end to remote learning in sight. 

Whether you’re wondering how you’ll be able to put up with your flatmates until the end of lockdown, need tips on how to deal with your mental health, or are struggling financially and need pointing in the right direction to save up, then we’re here for you here at Student Hut. Check out our other articles, and send us a message if there are any resources you would find useful. 

We wanted to find out how students are faring under the new restrictions, so we decided to ask them directly. This is what they had to say:

Question: The new lockdown measures mean that students will not be able to return to face-to-face teaching this term. How does this make you feel?


‘Annoyed, upset, and alone’

‘I understand the reason why but it makes me angry that there is no support given to students in terms of rent and/or tuition fees, as we are not getting the same service as we were getting in previous years, so we shouldn't be paying the full amount’

‘Like I wasted £9,000’

‘Upset, I came to university for the experience yet things are being cancelled and alternatives are less appealing.’

The majority of students expressed that the quality of their online teaching was merely average last term, and they expect the quality to stay the same this term. Lockdown has proved challenging for students’ social lives, finances, studies and overall wellbeing

It’s uncertain as to whether universities will reopen in 2021, or remain closed for the rest of the academic year. With the regulations changing all the time, students are upset and confused by the government’s handling of the situation. 

Question: What one word would you use to describe the government's handling of Covid so far this year?






Question: Is there anything else universities could be doing to help you through this lockdown?

‘Discount tuition fees, offer financial support’

‘Safety nets for exams and also maybe cancel exams, support for international students’

‘Offer more support with mental health or extended deadlines for those that need it’

‘Refund/ partly refund accommodation fees and rent as people are unable to return. Reduce fees and offer more support’

67% of students told us that they were studying from home, in contrast to 7% in student accommodation and 6% in halls. For some students, it might be possible to get a rent rebate or reduction. Find out here

How are you finding the new lockdown? Whether you’re studying from home or on campus, we want to hear your thoughts. Join our panel today and get a £10 Amazon voucher just for signing up

Lois King
Lois King on 18 January 2021