Students from low-income households negatively impacted by lockdown

Nicola Jones on 9 June 2020
Students from low-income households negatively impacted by lockdown

Students from lower-income families are experiencing a negative impact on their education during the Covid-19 crisis, research by Student Hut has found.

50% of lower-income students say that their financial position has had a negative effect on their education, compared to just 33% of students who live in higher-income households

The survey of lower-income students revealed:

  • 77% said that their household finances had raised stress levels during lockdown (vs 30% of higher-income students)
  • 46% said their living situation meant that they did not have a quiet place to study (vs 23% of higher-income students)
  • 40%  said they did not have access to reliable, fast internet to be able to complete their online learning (vs 18% of higher-income students)
  • 21% rated their university’s online learning provision as ‘poor/very poor’ (vs. 13% of higher-income students)

“In households with lower disposable income, other things tend to be prioritised above education, and we are seeing the results of this in our research. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds could be left behind during this crisis, and their education is already suffering. 

“With many universities looking to move teaching online for the next academic year, it’s vital that they consider the impact this may have on students from lower-income backgrounds.” said Katherine Nicholls, Director of Research at Student Hut. 

The findings have come from a project to track student opinion and attitudes during the COVID-19 crisis.

The project will provide weekly updates showing the change in student attitudes from the UK’s most engaged and diverse student panel, taken from an audience of one million users and over 150,000 subscribers. 

Nicola  Jones
Nicola Jones on 9 June 2020