Student Stress: Tips for university stress management

Cem Topcamon 11 January 2019
Student Stress: Tips for university stress management

Uni can be really stressful but it's important to know how to deal with it, luckily we're here to help!

University can be a stressful environment for a whole host of reasons. From moving to a new city, to having to manage your finances to exams, student stress is real, friends, and it can be overwhelming to say the least.

There are ways to reduce and manage university stress. Some are simple, some take a little work. But you can overcome it with time, and patience with yourself.

Being prepared

You’ve heard the idiom a thousand times, no doubt, but failing to prepare really is preparing to fail. Often, things that lead to student stress can be avoided with some preparation and taking control of a situation. When moving to university, doing your research on the area you’ll be living and attending university-run events, where you can meet potential housemates, can help reduce the stress of moving somewhere new. And then there are exams…

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Exam time can be a huge source of student stress. The first thing to remember going in to exam season is that you have chosen your course because you’re either passionate about it, knowledgeable about it, or if you’re really lucky, both. You might not be the expert in your field yet, but you’re on your way. So act like it. Revise with confidence and consistency. In groups when you feel like you don’t know something, ask. On your own, be disciplined and take regular breaks rather than cramming. Making a revision schedule at the very beginning of the busy period can help immeasurably.

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Money, money, money

For some students, going to university is the first time they will have had to properly manage their own finances, their first time living away from home and the first time the prospect of rent, bills and eating actual food has been thrown at them. At first, this might seem daunting and incredibly stress-inducing, but there are so many resources available to put you back in control.

Budgeting apps and prepaid debit card options like Monzo and Revolut are great ways of keeping tabs on your spending, which can relieve a lot of stress when you’re working within a student budget. Some group your transactions into things like food and groceries, nights out and bills, meaning your next month could be less stressful on the financial front.

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You are what you eat

You might not think it, but what you eat and drink has a huge effect on stress levels. In short, if you eat crap, you’ll feel crap. If you drink heavily to confront stress, you’re not really confronting it at all, but prolonging it. Ever tried revising with a hangover? Case in point. Trying to maintain a (mildly) healthy diet can reduce gut inflammation, which affects sleep, which affects stress: The human body is an amazing thing. This paired with regular exercise can play a massive role in managing your student stress.

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Talk about it

As a student, you’re going to get stressed. It’s a given. You can manage it, or even harness it in a way that makes you perform better in exams or during times of heavy workload. But all universities have people you can talk to about it. You are not alone in dealing with student stress. On-campus counsellors are there to lean on, so lean. You’re not alone, and you can overcome student stress at university and beyond.

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Cem Topcamon 11 January 2019