Student influencer of the week: Merve

Freddie Parker on 10 May 2022
Screenshot from one of Merve's videos, where you can see their desk

Study in peace and tranquillity with this week’s featured student influencer, Merve.

Removing the distraction of endlessly scrolling through apps when you’re meant to be studying is difficult. Some turn to music or familiar TV series. A better solution to this dilemma is playing ‘study with me’ videos in the background while you work.

Merve regularly streams on YouTube while they study. In these streams, they study in 50-60 minute blocks with ten-minute breaks in between. This is perfect to follow along with at home, especially with the countdown and session number that Merve puts in the corner of each stream. Calming rain sounds and a friendly community makes their videos a relaxing choice for any study sesh.

7 HOUR STUDY WITH ME on a RAINY DAY | Background noise, 10-min Break, No music, Study with Merve

On their Instagram account, you’ll see their stunning desk arrangement, time-lapses from their videos, and great story highlights about a wide variety of topics. Students looking to study at the University of Glasgow can also see how nice the uni buildings are there. 

Merve also has a separate Instagram page where they post pictures of their travels. It features lots of beautiful landscapes and inspiring locations.

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 10 May 2022