Student influencer of the week: Megan Short

Freddie Parker on 17 May 2022
Megan on the right sharing a bottle of wine with her friend as they get ready

For a fun look at the social side of uni life, check out Megan Short’s engaging content.

With a bright, funny, and bubbly personality, Megan makes vlogs about her life as a student. With a focus on her social life, she makes videos in all kinds of interesting formats, whether that’s accompanying her on a drive or getting ready for an event or night out. 

Here is a fun look at her uni summer ball, including a great idea for an activity with housemates:

Her Instagram has nearly 40,000 followers and includes behind the scenes pics of the events she attends. She has a great fashion sense to boot!

Megan also has a self-help and mindfulness podcast, with its own Instagram account. Check it out for some motivational content. 

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Freddie Parker
Freddie Parker on 17 May 2022