A Student Hut guide to common crystals and their meanings

Daisy Marshallon 11 November 2022
Selection of crystals for healing and protection

If you've ever wondered what crystals are good for healing or productivity, check out this beginner's intro.

So first things first, it’s worth pointing out that there is no scientific evidence to support healing with crystals. But who wants to listen to boring old science all the time?

There are plenty of people around the world who believe in the power of crystals for protection and healing, including some of the Student Hut team. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of magic and mysticism from time to time, especially when you find yourself in need of some support during the trials and tribulations of university life. 

So consider this your introduction to crystals and the powers and confidence they can instil in your daily life. 

First up,

How to use a crystal?

Crystals want the best for you and have good intentions but they do not work alone and you have to put effort in as well. Below are steps to how to use a crystal effectively:

  1. You need to set an intention when using your crystal. Crystals remind us to focus energy on certain things. For this to work, you must transfer this energy and intention to the stone in the first place. Do this by holding the crystal with both hands and shutting your eyes.
  2. Now you need to position your crystal to ensure a constant flow of good energy. The best way to do this is to wear your stone as jewellery, if possible. Direct contact with your skin is the most effective. A great idea would be to buy a crystal bracelet or attach the stone to your necklace chain! 
  3. Finally, you could meditate with your crystal and get the spiritual effects they have to offer. People say they feel more connected to their crystal whilst meditating.

Crystals are not difficult to use! But, different crystals will help with different aspects of your life. For instance, some can manifest money and some can help us find love. So, the most important thing you need to know before buying your crystal is what effects it has. Below is an ultimate guide to certain crystals and how they can improve the life of a student!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, associated with love

Rose Quartz is the stone for universal love. It's known for attracting love into your life whether you are in a relationship or not, and this can be self-love or romantic love. It also represents peace and encourages people to forgive others who may have caused them pain in the past. If you have had difficulty with friendship and forgiveness recently then this is the stone for you.


Amethyst, associated with mental fortitude

Amethyst is known for its psychic abilities and is the best crystal for helping anyone with their mental health. It reduces anxiety and depression and moves people away from addictions like alcohol, drugs and smoking. Amethyst facilitates healthy sleep patterns by eliminating the pain and worries that stop you from getting off to sleep.


Aventurine, associated with periods of change

This stone represents self-discipline and inner strength. It’s a fantastic idea to surround yourself with this stone when going through big life transitions, like starting a new uni year. It can help you make important decisions and overcome feelings of self-doubt. Plus aventurine slows your heartbeat down and speeds up recovery from illness, having amazing effects on your physical health.


Citrine, associated with confidence

This stone represents power and confidence and gets rid of any sort of fear or negative energy. Citrine is a manifestation stone and it encourages an individual to dream big, attracting wealth and success. This will suit an ambitious and high-achieving student. It encourages the owner to appreciate the world and be thankful for their life so far.

The yellow warm stone will comfort a stressed uni student when their mood is spiralling, helping to get rid of feelings of self-doubt. Only bright and positive energy is radiated from citrine!


Carnelian, associated with creativity

Carnelian is a crystal for hard-working and creative people. If you are struggling with motivation during a big uni assignment then you need to grab a carnelian. The vibrant orange stone removes feelings of being stuck and burnt out, helping you to channel your focus again. It stimulates feelings of inspiration and motivation helping you to push through your uni deadlines and achieve the best work possible.


Peridot, associated with prosperity

This stone is like a green emerald and it represents wealth and money. It’s comforting for students who are in debt and struggling with funds. It attracts prosperity in life and career advancement, reassuring the owner that they will achieve and be whoever they want to be. 

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye, associated with luck

Tiger Eye is the universal luck stone, attracting money and good things to happen in your life. It improves money-making skills, which is obviously important when juggling expensive uni life. The black, gold and orange stone is incredibly helpful when you are feeling lethargic. A party crazy student could definitely do with a tiger eye to help them make those early morning lectures!


Unakite, associated with companionship

Unakite tackles feelings of loneliness. Students can experience loneliness when starting uni as many are in an unfamiliar environment, away from home, family and friends. Unakite reminds the owner that they are loved and heals these hard separations that they are going through.

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Daisy Marshallon 11 November 2022