How to stick to Dry January this year

Natalia Wilkowskaon 12 January 2022

Dry January is a public health campaign that promotes alcohol abstention in January every year. In recent years, more health-conscious young people have been participating.

If you’ve committed to Dry January this year, here are our top tips for seeing it through:

1. Download an app to help you

Try Dry is a free app, designed to help people stick to their Dry January commitment. It lets you monitor your day-by-day progress and sends you regular motivational emails. It even lets you visualise the calories and money you’ve saved through not drinking alcohol.

If you don't want to download the app, you can still sign up for the email service.

2. Get your friends involved

The more, the merrier! Invite your friends and family to take up the challenge with you. This allows you to motivate each other. You could make it a challenge to see who lasts the longest.

Doing Dry Jan with your friends will make alcohol-free nights out way easier, as you won't be the only one not drinking. It could also have you questioning whether you really need alcohol to have a great time. It might even persuade you to stick to your new lifestyle choice beyond Dry January!

3. Replace your favourite drinks with alcohol-free substitutes

Most drinks have alcohol-free alternatives, which taste almost exactly the same. Booze-free gins, wines and beers are widely available at supermarkets, as well as most bars and clubs. If you’re more of a cocktail person, you can try your hand at creating some ‘virgin’ alternatives. We promise you that alcohol-free mojitos are just as tasty as the real deal!

4. Practice saying 'no'.

Sometimes it’ll be hard to refuse booze, especially if you’re celebrating a special, like a friend's birthday or a great exam result. If your friends try talking you into drinking, remember you can say no. If needed, you can practice refusing to feel more confident.

You are doing Dry January for yourself, so remember your motivations. Your friends won’t be annoyed with you for saying no!

5. Go out to places that don’t serve alcohol

You don't have to always go to the pub with your friends. There are so many different fun ways to hang out with your friends that don’t involve drinking.

You and your mates have loads of options: you could play mini-golf, or go trampolining, or you can be a bit more adventurous and try something like rock climbing. The world really is your oyster, so don’t limit yourself to bars!

6. Abstaining from booze doesn’t need to be boring

The fact that Dry January doesn’t involve drinking doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t involve having fun. By following the tips from our earlier points, you should have more than enough to keep you occupied. And remember that if you do slip up once or twice along the way, it’s not the end of the world. Keep at it and be proud of yourself for taking up the challenge.

Good luck!

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 12 January 2022