Six reasons to start caring about the environment today

Natalia Wilkowskaon 8 September 2021
Six reasons to start caring about the environment today

Without our planet, we have nothing. Get inspired to make a difference with this hard-hitting piece.

Our planet is our home. It provides us with everything we need in life. Every human being owes everything to the planet, yet many still choose to endanger it. With that in mind, here are some six reasons why we should all start caring about the environment today:

1. Do it for future generations 

It’s important to remember that we only have one planet. Despite what Elon Musk says, there’s nowhere else we can move to. There is no time to wait, so we need to change now for the sake of our future generations. All the adjustments we make today will affect how the planet looks in the years ahead. Nobody wants their children to live through an apocalypse.

2. The ecosystem will be grateful

Biodiversity is essential for a healthy planet. We need to protect the environment to keep our plants, and animals safe. The loss of even one species could have a devastating effect on many others. There is no future without plants and animals and human activity has already had a massive impact on their natural environment. It’s very important to care about the ecosystem and help it work well.

3. A healthy planet means a healthy population

Everybody enjoys breathing fresh air. It energises the body and mind, setting us up for the day ahead. Unfortunately, high levels of pollution mean that our air quality is dropping, which can cause cancer and other respiratory diseases in the long term. Even the act of worrying about the environment and future of the planet can adversely impact our wellbeing. It can even lead to depression or anxiety. We all should care about our planet to enhance the quality of our lives.

4. Global warming 

The Earth is getting warmer. This will have long-term consequences for people, animals and plants alike. The faster the planet warms, the faster our glaciers and polar ice caps will melt. Climate change also threatens aquatic life and coral reefs, many of which are in danger of extinction if oceanic temperatures continue to rise.

Many of us will have witnessed the bush fires across the globe in the past few weeks. We are on the cusp of a worldwide natural disaster, but it’s not too late to change things if we all pull together.

5. There is no plan B 

Once again, there is no viable alternative if we irreversibly damage our planet. Moreover, what’s the point of looking for another planet if we can’t even look after this one? We need to move beyond finite fossil fuels and start harnessing renewable energy sources, like the sun and wind, more frequently. 

6. Embrace the eco-lifestyle

Despite the issues facing us, being green is trendier than ever. Online, more and more influencers, celebrities, and public figures are promoting a more sustainable lifestyle, while many companies are now implementing environment-friendly policies. A lot of shops have replaced their plastic packaging with paper, and electric cars are no longer such a novelty. Embrace these changes today to ensure a happier tomorrow.

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 8 September 2021