How to save on your energy bills this winter

Natalia Wilkowskaon 30 November 2021
An old fashioned radiator

Keep warm this winter with these tips for saving on your student house's energy bills.

Winter means Christmas, hot chocolate, and staying indoors to Netflix and chill. There are few nicer feelings than being cosy indoors on a cold winter’s day. However, this can get pretty expensive when you’re paying for heating at your uni house. It can be really jarring when your household gets hit by a massive bill.

But don’t worry; here are a few tips to keep you warm at home, lower your energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint. 

Ask for a smart meter

Most energy suppliers install smart meters for free. They’re really useful for monitoring your energy usage. Smart meters also show which of your devices use the most electricity, helping to keep costs down. They will also remind you about any devices you’ve left on standby mode, which can help you save even further.

Pro tip: Check if it’s ok with your landlord before contacting your supplier to request one.

Check your windows

While getting fresh air is lovely, none of you will want to freeze to death. Most of the heat your home loses goes through the windows, so check it to make sure that the frame isn’t damaged. If you can feel cold air coming through when it’s closed, then it’s time to act.

Speak to your landlord to get it sorted as a matter of urgency or, if that’s not an option, go to your nearest hardware shop to buy sealant. You’ll want this sorted sooner rather than later with winter just around the corner.

Only use the heating when you need to 

Radiators can be a lifesaver during the cold winter months. But, watch out - the usage costs can add up really quickly.

Check if they’re working properly and make sure they’re not leaking. If they’re slow to warm and inefficient, consider buying an air heater. They’re handy for when you need to warm up your room immediately.

Try and remember to turn off the heating when you leave the house. You can also save a few quid by switching it off while you’re cooking, as the kitchen will naturally heat your home.

Regulate your body temperature 

As well as cutting costs on your household appliances, you can make a difference by adjusting your own routine. Going out and getting active will keep you warm and negate the need to have the heating on all the time.

Chilling in your room all day may sound nice, but it’ll only make you sleepier and cold. For the days when you can’t face going out, buy a big warm throw or blanket. If all else fails, a cup of mulled wine will help too!

Incorporate energy saving into your everyday life

There are loads of other things you can do to cut down on your energy usage. Quicker showers, even hot ones, can help you to save money on your hot water. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth too.

When you wash dishes, plug the sink, and fill it with hot water to avoid leaving the tap running. Switch off the lights when you’re not in the room and keep doors shut to avoid drafts. As well as saving on your bills, all these things will also help the environment.

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 30 November 2021