Reset your body, mind and soul this Christmas break

Daisy Marshallon 15 December 2022
Person relaxing in a bath

The term is nearly over! Here’s how you can make sure you’re raring to go for January exams and deadlines.

Hands up who's feeling burnt out from a term of partying and intense assignments? Okay put your hand down and relax, now it’s time to do a soul reset before uni starts up again!

Use this period of time to focus on yourself and to build a healthier routine. Below is the ultimate guide to deep relaxation techniques and calming activities to help you reset for the new term.

Healthy eating 

Cook yourself some nutritious meals to make up for all of the greasy takeaways you have demolished after nights out. Visit the supermarket and stock up on fruit and veg. Meals like omelettes are quick and easy to whip up and are also high in protein. Your body will be thankful for all the goodness.

Take a break from the litres of alcohol you have been consuming during Freshers! A great alternative could be a healthy smoothie to prepare you for a productive day. 


Try to meditate when you wake up in the morning. Focus on your breathing with some simple breathing and stretching exercises that can help you relax your muscles and mind. This calm headspace is a perfect start to your day. If you don't know how to get started there are loads of mindfulness meditation apps that can guide you through it.


Moving your body has so many benefits for your mental and physical health. The exercise doesn’t need to be intense, just going on a walk to explore your new city will give you a chance to release some endorphins, making your body feel a little bit better. Even just tensing and relaxing your muscles can change your mood.

Light reading 

Your brain is likely to be in party mode! A good idea is to transfer it over to study mode before lectures and assignments start to become hectic. Simply read around your new modules so you feel a bit more prepared and comfortable for the academic side of uni. 

Shopping spree 

Shopping is good for the soul. Treat yourself to some trendy new items of clothing to wear around uni. Perhaps a new winter coat or some winter boots as the weather starts to get cold?


Enjoy time with your friends and family. Catch them up on your first term and how you are finding uni life and find out what's going on in their lives.


A relaxing warm bath or shower is good for the mind and soul. Exfoliate, moisturise and put on your favourite face mask. Switch on your favourite movie and have a quiet night in. You need time to recharge your batteries if you want to smash this coming year.


Make sure your room is beautifully decorated. You can put plants in to add some life. Or cover your walls with posters and pictures to keep family and friends close. Decorating your uni room will make it feel more homely and is great for the soul!

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Daisy Marshallon 15 December 2022