Where you should REALLY go to uni (based on your star sign)

Daisy Marshallon 21 September 2022
Map of the star signs of the zodiac

How is your astrological compatibility with your university?

Over the centuries, the 12 star signs have developed their own unique traits. Each astrological sign comes with powerful strengths and weaknesses that some people believe factor into one’s personality. Many believe that the alignment of stars when you were born predict characteristics and influence personality. This future prediction is referred to as a horoscope. 

This is a forecast of a person’s future, typically including a breakdown of character and circumstances. It's based on the relative positions of the stars and planets at the time of that person’s birth.

Whether or not this is an accurate science is an ongoing debate, but there’s one question that we’re here to answer. Which uni you should you go to based on your star sign? How's your astrological compatibility with your university? Take a look below. 

Below are the 12 star signs and where they are likely to attend university:

Aquarius: January 20- February 18 

Element: Air

Characteristics: logical, original, independent, self-reliant, emotionally detached

Strengths: innovation, optimistic

Weaknesses: coldness, rebellious 

Bath University

There are plenty of opportunities at Bath university for a progressive Aquarius. In the last decade, they have invested £450 million in their campus, including new academic buildings and facilities like an Olympic Legacy swimming pool. An intelligent Aquarius would be interested in the historic Roman remains such as the Temple of Sulis Minerva and the baths complex.

Pisces: February 19-March 20 

Element: Water

Characteristics: warm, natural empath, gentle, kind, artistic

Strengths: compassionate, wise

Weaknesses: being too nice, giving people too many chances

University Arts London

University Arts London is perfect for a Pisces to explore their creative talents. It has an outstanding reputation and is ranked second in the world for Art and Design in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. Wise students attend the uni with over two-thirds of the British Designer of the Year winners being UAL alumni.

This is totally Pisces. Plus there are plenty of art and design galleries to explore in London such as Tate Modern. A Pisces can continue to nurture their creativity outside uni life too!

Aries: March 21-April 9

Element: Fire

Characteristics: bold, very competitive, passionate, courageous, enthusiastic

Strengths: ambitious, honest

Weakness: short tempered, impatient, impulsive, stubborn

Nottingham University 

A confident Aries would thrive at Nottingham University which is ranked as a world top 100 university. The university is competitive and naturally takes charge like an Aries. It has strong opinions about being the leading university in Nottingham above Nottingham Trent.

The University won the Sports University of the year and nothing goes better than sports and fighting to be number one! 100% Aries!

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Element: Earth 

Characteristics: hates change, affectionate, loves the physical world, calm, practical

Strengths: patient, great listeners, dependable

Weakness: stubborn, materialistic, bad at taking criticism

Exeter University 

Exeter has always been a leading Uni in terms of student satisfaction rates. This is perfect for a Taurus who seeks comfort in their surroundings and daily life. Two of the campuses are located in the picturesque countryside in Devon and the other campus is located in Cornwall surrounded by beautiful beaches. A Taurus who loves to be in touch with their environment will be in heaven!

Gemini: May 21- June 20 

Element: Air

Characteristics: charismatic, funny, intelligent, curious

Strengths: great communicators, versatile, creative

Weakness: overthinkers, impatience, cold and shallow 

Leeds University

A university with over 39,000 students, with 13,400 international students from 137 countries so the social Geminis do not have to worry! In 2021, the university was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary prize, the country’s highest accolade for an academic institution, perfect for academic Geminis. The student union at Leeds is fantastic with more than 300 clubs and societies. Geminis can be the life of the party in this big and diverse city.

Cancer: June 21- July 22

Element: Water 

Characteristics: doesn’t like change, like routine, security seeking, self-protective, nurturing

Strengths: very trustworthy, non-judgemental

Weakness: sensitive, overly emotional, intense moods 

Loughborough University 

Loughborough university is renowned for its excellent sports and fitness facilities and teams, producing sporting heroes such as Paula Radcliffe. This is perfect for a dedicated Cancer who would love the routine of a training programme!

Loughborough is located in a small town made up mostly of students, which is ideal for a Cancer who values a close-knit community. Plus Cancers will be able to seek comfort and make intimate personal relationships with teammates who share similar interests. Also, there is the chance to be very moody when beaten by other uni sports teams! 

Leo: July 23- August 22 

Element: Fire

Characteristics: bold, captivating, natural leader, kind-hearted, passionate

Strengths: ambitious, confident

Weaknesses: vain, arrogant, self-centred 

Edinburgh University

Studying in the alluring capital of Scotland is perfect for a Leo who is a lover of luxury. Edinburgh castle looms over the city which holds Scotland’s famous crown jewels. The 380-acre campus stands out with historic neoclassical buildings and beautiful greenery like the popular student hub the Meadows.

It's important for a Leo to have excellent facilities with comfortable living standards and the university accommodation of Pollock Halls will not disappoint. There are catered options for students with over 2,000 rooms, ideal for a confident Leo looking to meet lots of new friends.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22 

Element: Earth 

Characteristics: Judgemental, hardworking, perfectionist, high attention to detail

Strengths: Organised, intelligent, productive

Weakness: judgemental, overly critical 

Cambridge University 

Cambridge is the world’s second-oldest university and is consistently in the top 3 of university rankings in the UK. A dedicated Virgo will be in their element as the uni is sure to prioritise academics over anything else. The focused workers among the Zodiacs have a chance to show off their analytical side as this uni has over 100 academic departments and 100 libraries.

Libra: September 23 – October 22 

Element: Air

Characteristics: diplomatic, fair-minded, avoids conflict, social, adventurous

Strengths: Compassionate, empathetic 

Weaknesses: Indecisive, easily manipulated by others, disorganised

Newcastle University 

Newcastle is constantly voted as one of the UK’s greatest student cities with fantastic nightlife and Freshers Week. So Libra being social butterflies will flourish here. Plus, the university is ranked 23rd in Europe for Teaching Excellence. So there is a perfect mix of partying and studying for Libras who love balance. The campus is located in the centre of Newcastle so spontaneous Libras will never get bored exploring the city surroundings.

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Element: Water 

Characteristics: secretive, brave, passionate, blunt

Strengths: A true friend, loyal, very self-aware

Weaknesses: stubborn, jealous 

Durham University 

Durham is a competitive university with an acceptance rate of 41% and is ranked 54th in the world for employer reputation in the QS World University Rankings 2022. A disciplined and responsible Scorpio would certainly be motivated to apply and study at Durham.

Despite being ranked 6th in The Complete University Guide 2022, Durham is almost certainly jealous of the prestigious Oxbridge. But, perhaps they are too stubborn to admit that!

Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Characteristics: Loud, opinionated, goal-focused, high standards, proud

Strengths: Very friendly, good for advice

Weaknesses: lack of filter, say what they think, impulsive

University of Bristol 

A big city for an outgoing, fun Sagittarius wanting to meet new people. Typically, Bristol is the best university for nightlife so it’s ideal for an impatient Sagittarius wanting to party! Bristol has a great sense of humour like a Sagittarius and likes to poke fun at UWE.

Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Element: Earth 

Characteristics: Responsible, moral, emotionally dependable, persistent, perfectionist

Strengths: pragmatic, very loyal, dedicated

Weakness: very serious, not a great sense of humour 

York University 

A traditional university like York which is ranked 18th in the Complete University guide is perfect for a determined Capricorn. The city is smaller and not as lively as Unis like Bristol or Newcastle, leaving Capricorns more time to focus on their degrees. It's got amazing opportunities to study abroad and develop Capricorn's understanding of their degrees and career lines. 

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Daisy Marshallon 21 September 2022