Pictures of Puppies So Cute You Might Cry

Kirsty Mason on 23 March 2018
Pictures of Puppies So Cute You Might Cry

It’s National Puppy Day today so what would be better than spending the whole day staring at photos of gorgeous puppies?

Warning: If you read this article any further your heart is at extreme risk of melting. Continue at your own risk...

Who could ever say no to this?

Look what came out the wash...

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Happy puppy = happy me.

He's so teeny-tiny he fits into a mug.

Pile of puppies a.k.a. heaven

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This puppy's a fan of Despicable Me.

Oops, this is just a picture of fluff. Oh, wait...

Sleepy puppy

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Just a load of puppies chilling in a bucket...

Look at those puppy dog eyes...

The epitome of a hangover perfectly illustrated by this little pug.

Not gonna lie, he can get away with anything...

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Looking like he walked straight out of an Andrex advert.

Puppy in a bowl.

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Why are yawns so cute when puppies do it?

Imagine getting a cuddle with this fluffy thing.

Oh, haiii!

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Toy or puppy?? Not sure but it's still cute.

Look at those ears!

Puppy a.k.a. ball of fluff.

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That's it. They're too cute. I can't cope.

Happy National Puppy Day everyone!

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Kirsty Mason
Kirsty Mason on 23 March 2018