How to pick the right housemates at university

Natalia Wilkowskaon 13 January 2021
How to pick the right housemates at university

Getting it right is important when it comes to choosing who to live with at university. Follow these tips to secure your roomie dream team at uni.

Flying the family nest to rent your own place is a big decision. If you’re still a university student, then it’s important that you pick a good group to move in with, to give your studies the best chance. Avoiding a noisy, distracting environment is key.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for choosing the right housemates:

1. Meet everyone first                       

Getting to know your future roomies is a good idea. Finding out how compatible you are before committing to a year-long lease will minimise the chances of things going wrong further down the line. Treat the meet-up as a mini audition and be sure to ask the right questions. Work out how compatible your social lives will be with your studies, as a calm environment will help you to focus and work on your assignments. 

2. Set up house rules 

Establishing ground rules is key when living with your peers. Organise who will be in charge of sorting out rent and bills before moving in to minimise future issues. Likewise, set up a cleaning rota. Ensure that everyone is aware of the house rules and willing to do their bit to make your home a nice place to live.

Living with a reliable group of responsible students will make things much easier for everyone, and you and your uni work will benefit from a cleaner home environment.

3. Mix and match your housemates 

You’re not obliged to live with your friends from halls, or your coursemates, and mixing households can be a great opportunity to forge new relationships and introduce like-minded people to each other. Living with people from both groups has its merits; you’ll already know what it’s like to live with someone you shared halls with, and living with a coursemate will mean that you have somebody to lean on during those hardcore study sessions. See it as an opportunity to broaden your friendship group and gain new perspectives.

4. Start looking early

Loads of students leave finding a place to the last minute. As well as being unnecessary, this causes loads of unneeded stress. If you start your house-hunt a little earlier, you’ll thank yourself once it’s out of the way. This will also give you a better chance of finding your ideal student pad.

Getting a place sorted early means choosing your housemates earlier too, so make sure you get yourself organised to avoid any letdowns. If your friends or coursemates are dragging their feet on a decision, you can always check out Facebook and WhatsApp groups to find potential house buddies.

5. Make sure you have compatible lifestyles

As well as the similarities, consider what differences you have with your prospective housemates. Do you all operate on a similar sleep schedule? Will your lifestyles interfere with each other? Trust us when we say that there’s no worse feeling than a bad night’s sleep before an exam because one of your housemates decided to throw a spontaneous shindig the night before. Make sure you pick people who will prioritise each other’s wellbeing and respect household boundaries. A harmonious house is a happy home, so consider how compatible your lifestyles are.

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Natalia Wilkowskaon 13 January 2021