OfS choose Student Hut Opinion Panel to understand the views of students

Chris Brighton on 30 October 2019

Student Hut has been chosen for a long-term research partnership with the Office for Students (OfS).

The strategic project aims to understand the views of key student groups, including applicants, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates, and measure the impact of the OfS and its projects in England.  

The research will focus on students across different ethnic groups, locations and ages to understand the impact of these factors on perceptions of access to/success in higher education (HE) and what value for money in HE looks like.

The initial insights will set a baseline which will be tracked over a number of years to help measure the impact of the OfS and its activities to inform the direction that these might take in the future.

Kas Nicholls, Director, Student Hut Opinion Panel said: “This long term partnership with Office for Students will ensure we better understand and measure the perceptions of students to make a real impact on key issues in the HE sector, such as participation and fair access.”

Student Hut Opinion Panel was chosen because of its unique combination of diversity and engagement alongside the ability to segment the participants into hyper-targeted groups using its unique panel software.

About Student Hut and the partnership with the Office for Students

  • Student Hut is the UK’s Fastest Growing Student Review Site, with thousands of impartial reviews on all aspects of student life. Described as the “Tripadvisor for Universities” by the BBC.
  • Brands, agencies and institutions use Student Hut’s access to over 7 million students for unique brand engagement opportunities and trust our dedicated panel of over 120,000 students and youths with regular market research initiative.
  • The OfS reports to Parliament through the Department for Education (DfE) and is responsible for working with higher education providers to make sure that students succeed in higher education.
  • The OfS have entered into a 3-5 year research partnership using the Student Hut Opinion Panel.

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Chris Brighton
Chris Brighton on 30 October 2019